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America’s Deadliest Home Video Gets DVD, Digital And New Collector’s Limited Edition VHS Treatment May 10, 2016

 New York, NY – Before Man Bites Dog and The Blair Witch Project there was America’s Deadliest Home Video, the original found footage shot-on-video shocker written and directed by Jack Perez (Some Guy Who Kills People), produced by Mick Wynhoff, and starring ‘The Partridge Family’‘s own Danny Bonaduce and Melora Walters (Dead Poet’s Society).


America’s Deadliest Home Video is the story of Doug (Danny Bonaduce), a home video enthusiast who hits the road with his video camera after catching his wife having an affair.  While making a video journal of his travels, he inadvertently records the Clint Dryer gang – three felons on the lam – pushing their getaway car over a cliff.  The gang abducts him and forces him to videotape their crime spree as they rob and murder their way from town to town.  The gang’s leader, Clint (Mick Wynhoff), becomes more daring and sadistic for the camera, and a dangerous relationship forms between his girlfriend, Gloria (Melora Walters) and Doug.  Seen entirely through the eyes of Doug’s video camera, America’s Deadliest Home Video draws the viewer into a dark world of violence and terror.cmp-dv-122_ADHV_WebRes_Key

A co-release from Camp Motion Pictures and Lunchmeat Magazine, this is the first time America’s Deadliest Home Video will be available on DVD and Digital formats.  A new collector’s limited edition VHS will also be available, exclusively through and The three formats and configurations are,

–         Standard definition feature film Digital release

–         Collector’s Limited Edition VHS, 250 copy run with new bottom load sleeve, bumper sticker, custom key chain,  and available to pre-order only *limited to 30 copies* original poster and VHS sleeve autographed by Jack Perez, Gretchen Bonaduce and Mick Wynhoff

–         DVD with Director’s commentary, making of, liner notes booklet by Josh Schafer of Lunchmeat

Lunchmeat founder and editor-in-chief Josh Schafer on the upcoming release of America’s Deadliest Home Video:

“I’m absolutely thrilled to work with Camp Motion Pictures to bring ADHV back to life and offer it to a broad new audience. The essence of LUNCHMEAT is to appreciate and celebrate the forgotten gems of the video era, and shot-on-video films were such an integral part of that movement. What’s special about ADHV is that it’s an incredibly obscure yet utterly essential addition to the growing list of cinematic history attached to SOV filmmaking. Its execution demonstrates just how powerful a shot-on-video film can be. ADHV’s method of using the home video camera as a device to insert you directly into the film and put you in step with the characters was so incredibly innovative and unique for the time, but its obscured existence prevented it from being fully recognized by a wide range of film fans and critics alike.  This re-animation is going to change all that. I’m just really glad a whole new host of eyes are finally going to be able to experience ADHV’s ingenious application of the shot-on-video method and see something decidedly different, interesting, and retrospectively innovative from the immense SOV output of the 80s and 90s. I’m excited to see what people think.”

America’s Deadliest Home Video DVD Info and Tech Specs

Available at all leading e-commerce and brick and mortar locations May 10, 2016

1991 / 85 mins. / Horror, Thriller / Color / Not Rated / 4×3 Full Frame / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Two Commentary Tracks; ADHV trailer; Trailer Vault; Liner Notes by Josh Schafer (Lunchmeat Magazine)


America’s Deadliest Home Video Digital Release

Available to SVOD, VOD, AVOD and TV VOD May 10, 2016


America’s Deadliest Home Video Limited Edition Collector’s VHS Info

Available at, and Forbidden Planet NYC May 10, 2016

250 copy run with new bottom load sleeve, bumper sticker, custom key chain,  and available to pre-order only *limited to 30 copies* original poster and VHS sleeve autographed by Jack Perez, Gretchen Bonaduce and Mick Wynhoff


America’s Deadliest Home Video Theatrical Screenings & Events

May 10, 2016 – Philadelphia’s Viva Video 7pm* Screening hosted by Josh Schafer of Lunchmeat Magazine!  Promotional & raffle items courtesy of Camp Motion Pictures!  *exact time to be confirmed

May 12, 2016 – NYC’s Forbidden Planet 7-9pm – Get your copy of America’s Deadliest Home Video autographed courtesy of director Jack Perez and producer and star Mick Wynhoff!  Promotional & raffle items courtesy of Camp Motion Pictures!

May 13 & 14, 2016 – Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema hosts midnight screenings of America’s Deadliest Home Video!  Director Jack Perez and producer and star Mick Wynhoff will be on hand for an ADHV quiz and Q&A!  Bring your copy for a free autograph!

May 15, 2016 – Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers will screen America’s Deadliest Home Video at 9:30 pm Sunday, May 15!  The screening will be introduced by Michael Gingold, Editor in Chief of Fangoria Magazine.