Amnesiac Review

by Nav Qateel

After being involved in a bad car crash, a man (Wes Bentley) wakes up with no memory of who he is and how he got there. His wife (Kate Bosworth) is nursing him back to health, however, the man becomes ever more suspicious as time passes as he’s not allowed in certain parts of the house and a recurring flashback doesn’t match up to what his wife has told him about himself.

Cut off from the outside world and his wife’s actions becoming more bizarre, the man eventually makes a terrifying discovery, but can he escape to tell anyone?

Michael Polish’s Amnesiac looks and feels far slicker than most films made for a paltry $3 million, with strong performances from the two leads and solid direction to boot. Although the weakest part of the film is Amy Kolquist and Mike Le’s script, the story still remains gripping throughout.

Directed by
Michael Polish
Kate Bosworth, Wes Bentley, Olivia Rose Keegan
Release Date
14 August 2015
Nav’s Grade: C+

Wes Bentley puts in his usual steady performance, the kind we’ve come to expect from the actor. This role was actually one of Bentley’s better ones, where his acting ability was put to the test and he got to show off his range. At the opposite end of the spectrum was Kate Bosworth, who nailed the part of his oddball wife beautifully. She always wore period clothes including a hairdo more suited to the 1950s, and she would blurt out odd facts at the strangest of times. Her bizarre act reminded me of Kathy Bates’ character when she accidently splashed pee on a bedridden James Caan. In fact, there were several things that the female characters from Misery and Amnesiac had in common, but I’m sure it was quite deliberate.

Amnesiac is an above average thriller/horror that most should enjoy sitting through, and at 83-minutes it finished far too quickly for me.