Actually Quite Watchable

Mister Uwe Boll isn’t always known for making great movies, but they are generally watchable. Boll has only produced Apocalypse Z (Originally titled Zombie Massacre) but you can clearly see he’s had more than a little hand in its making. His touches are everywhere but not in an obtrusive, or even bad way. Uwe Boll’s last movie was the decent Assault on Wall Street, but this $1.3 million indie is one of the better examples of this genre, as it mixes action with great looking Zombies. If you take into account the fact that it’s a straight to disc, low budget horror, you have to accept that Apocalypse Z is a bit better than most films of this fare. It isn’t a film I would gleefully add to my Bluray collection but it is a film you can enjoy at home with the lights out.

Directed by Luca Boni and Marco Ristori

Writing credits
Luca Boni
Marco Ristori


Uwe Boll … President of the US

Tara Cardinal … Eden Shizuka

Jon Campling … Doug Mulligan

Christian Boeving … Jack Stone

Mike Mitchell … John ‘Mad Dog’ McKellen

Carl Wharton … General Carter

Michael Segal … First Victim / Ultimate creature

Daniel Vivian … Dragan Ilic
Nathalia Henao … Claire Howard

Gerry Shanahan … Doctor Neumann
Guglielmo Favilla
Alex Lucchesi
Ivy Corbin … Sam Neumann
Federico Caddeo … Pervert prisoner
Marissa Chang … Pool Girl #1
Carlo Diamantini … Accountant Soldier
Claudio Marmugi … Businessman #2
Anelita Di Carlo … Pool Girl #2
Veronica Spagnuolo … Pool Girl #4
Cristiana Raggi … Zombie Girl
Garth Lughton … Guard #1
David White … Minister of Defense
Lee Baughn … Guard #2