More shenanigans from Sterling Archer and the gang!

by Rob Rector

Wow. So this week Archer crosses into hentai territory in the final scene as we witness the on- screen, um, “reuniting” or Sterling and Lana in the final scene of this episode. But that’s getting ahead of myself. here’s many more appetizers this week before that main dish is served.

Pocket Listing, episode 9’s title begins with a group mission (finally!) in which they must all work in unison to extract information from a foreign prince who is shopping for property stateside. They use Cheryl’s family home (Tunt Manor, setting to many an episode of last season) as a front “property” and Cheryl as the listing agent.

The rest of the gang attempt to follow an overly complicated plan from CIA Agent Slater (once again guest voiced by Christian Slater, who’s getting more screen time this season than regular cast member Jessica Walters as Mallory) which involves Sterling and Cyril dressing as butlers and Pam and Lana as maids (and rather naughty maids at that). Krieger, meanwhile, is at the helm of mission control, overseeing the hidden cameras he’s installed throughout the house (which are, curiously — or perhaps expectedly — mostly set up in the bathrooms).
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And Ray is perhaps tasked with the most perilous job — one in which he literally, wait…yes, literally risks life and limb — taking on a carnivorous plant that resembles the Audrey II in the Tunt greenhouse.

It all predictably goes south, with Sterling trying to bone the Prince’s mother, a MILF-y queen, and Lana ready to get a little side action from the young prince, herself. But by the ending, both the prince and his mom are knocked out by Slater’s nifty tranquilizer gun (one Sterling has a little too much fun with), and both Sterling and Lana are overcome with their mutually fueled passion for danger and each other.

It’s a long-awaited reunion, and really leaves little to the imagination of the viewer. I mean, I know they are cartoons, but… damn, dude!!! And bonus points all around for not a sight or mention of baby AJ this episode.

“Pocket Listing” is one of season 6’s stronger episodes, if only for the return of “teamwork,” if you can call it that. Each character has a moment to shine, even if it involves thudding one’s head on the desk after being plugged with a tranquilizer dart, as is Krieger’s case. And the super-charged sexy time between Lana and Sterling only raises the bar for what’s to come…I know, I know. Phrasing. I’ll see myself out.

Favorite lines and moments:

Pam: “I think Ray deserves a hand!” (the final line, with a newly limbless Ray next to her).

Lana (to Sterling): “Ugh! I can actually hear you getting an erection!”

Ray: “She didn’t look like a Back Dorothy!” (about the queen’s sexual preferences)

Cyril: “Well, that backfired!…(nefariously) Or did it?… (then humbly) Yes….yes, it most certainly did.”

Episode Rating: A