Achub Y Morfilod

Sterling Archer breaks the fourth wall in this week’s episode to peddle his favorite scotch: “Glengoolie! For the best of times!”. And while he may not look all that convincing as a spokesman, what with two tampons crammed up his nose to absorb the blood, he was pretty spot on about the episode.

by Rob Rector

Achub Y Morfilod lightens up on the action (for the most part), but damned if it didn’t feel like eavesdropping on perhaps the most substantive — and adult — conversation that Sterling and Lana have ever had. They are first seen zipping through the Welsh countryside, Sterling decked out in his flat cap, suede driving jacket and matching driving gloves, and Lana in the backseat, slowly emerging from the massive dose of sedatives she was injected with to calm her down after suspecting that Sterling was cheating on her.

She had good reason, as the last episode ended with Lana finding a robotic vagina in Sterling’s sink, suggesting a visit from his mostly robotic former flame Katia. And while this episode begins as though he was taking her through a Thomas Kinkade-like setting for a romantic atonement, he neglects to inform her that they are also there to assist Welsh terrori…er, freedom fighters who are eluding an MI5 agent.

As we are nearing a close on this season, this episode feels as though it was the closest to progressing the whole Lana/Sterling relationship, as the two worked out their differences and had, what felt like deep, mature adult conversations with one another. The Americans’ Matthew Rhys apparently delivered more than the voice of one of the Welsh gunmen, as the episode was also credited as being “based on a rousing tale” from the actor. His partner is a lumbering oaf much like Of Mice and Men’s Lennie (which is referenced more than once) and they are all holed up in a tiny cottage as the MI-5 agent pokes around the place.

The other plot thread involved Dr. Krieger (with the help of Pam, Cheryl and Cyril) outfitting Ray with his new hand (and yes, hand puns abound). It’s not much, but will be interesting to see Ray awaken to find that the attached limb is quite a different pigment than his own.

Like last week, there is not much to Achub Y Morfilod in the story department, but as far as development of both animation (this season continues to stun with its attention to detail) as well as the rekindling romance of Lana and Sterling. This should build to quite the finale, one presumes.

Favorite lines and moments:

Dr. Krieger: “All righty — can someone give me a hand?”

Cheryl: “But doctor, I thought the patient was getting a hand.” – Cheryl

Dr. Krieger: “Speaking of hands, nurse, I’m…”

Cheryl:“…overplaying yours?”

Pam: “Hand job.”

Random thought: Is Ray’s hand the one Conway Stern lost earlier this season?

Sterling (to his mother): “Thanks for watching AJ … No, as a matter of fact I don’t think its a good idea to work some of that fat off her. … Mother, she’s a goddamn baby! … I will, and if I find out you gave her diet pills, no kidding, I will have you arrested!”

Episode Rating: B+