Most definatly not a Pacific Rim challenger!

The Asylum, have always managed to capitalize on the latest blockbuster, like the recently reviewed AE: Apocalypse Earth, which was pretty much their take (rip-off) of several summer blockbusters, so I dubbed it “War of the Avatar Trek,” and if you’ve seen the movie, then you know the title is extremely accurate. I don’t have anything witty this time because it wasn’t anywhere near as bad, when compared to the others. The Asylum can toss these movies out non-stop but there are people out there who enjoy them. To each their own, I guess.

It had a few good actors for a change, however, in keeping with their usual fodder, they had plenty bad ones too. Now, Graham Greene as the Admiral was really funny, as the Oscar-nominated actor didn’t try to dial in his performance. In fact, his performance called in sick, so he didn’t even attempt seriousness.

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Greene can most certainly perform when required, but with this damned recession, everyone is tightening their belts, and taking on jobs like this. He was … adequate. However, the movie was a touch less than adequate but at least it was watchable. If you don’t mind cheap desks with monitors plopped in front of the actors, as props, while they drove the mechanical monsters (see the trailer at the top right), and you don’t mind things like plot holes or stories that are too far fetched to even try to swallow, then have at it. It did have entertainment value, to a point. Finally! The Asylum made a film I could watch without throwing up!

Grade: D+

Review by Ed Blackadder, Lead Entertainment Writer