Not particularly good but still watchable

by Martin Hafer

This is the third Bad Ass film and the second that co-stars Danny Glover along with Danny Trejo, who is the star of all three movies. It’s a rather slow-motion action film, with two over-the-hill tough guys taking on a gang in Louisiana. It’s all very silly and far from a must-see film, but if you set your expectations low and just want some mindless entertainment, it’s bearable.

This film begins well. Two grumpy old friends, Frank and Bernie (Trejo and Glover), are in a bank trying to work out a loan. However, it’s interrupted by an attack by some armed robbers, and the two old geezers manage to take them out with style. Soon, the two become an internet sensation and are minor local heroes in L.A..

Bad Ass 3: Bad Asses on the Bayou
Written & Directed by
Craig Moss
Danny Trejo, Danny Glover, John Amos
Release Date
6 March 2015
Martin’s Grade: D+

They soon are invited on an all-expense paid trip to Baton Rouge to go to a wedding. Once there, however, an armed group of intruders kidnap the bride-to-be and it’s up to Frank and Bernie to kick butt and demand answers since it appears that the local cops couldn’t care less about the abduction.

What follows is a rather predictable and ridiculous adventure. The dialog is occasionally pretty silly and there isn’t a lot to love about this one unless you are fans of Trejo and are also willing to cut the film slack when it comes to the fighting. After all, it’s hard to believe either of these geriatric heroes taking on big, tough gang members (especially Glover)…yet again and again, they slowly take out everyone who comes near them. You’ll just need to suspend disbelief about all this. Not a terrible film by any standard but certainly not one to rush to rent now that it’s debuted on Netflix.