Presumed Innocent

Although this was rather a slow episode, with a lot of time being taken up by Norman’s temporary captivity, it finished on a powerful note, followed by an exciting trailer (see attached) that promises a memorable ending to the season. One can now clearly see the transformation Norman is going through, as he slowly becomes the killer we know him to be, and with the revelation of his DNA being matched up to the sample recovered from the murdered Blair Watson’s crime-scene, it shouldn’t be long before the shit really hits the fan.

I was pretty sure Norma and Sheriff Romero would eventually hit it off, especially with Romero now living at the motel. Plus there’s small hints we’ve recently been given, and judging by the all-too-quick flash of the pair kissing, witnessed on the trailer, it looks like this is indeed gonna happen. Is Norma doing this out of necessity, in order to keep her son out of trouble, or is it Romero taking advantage of the situation Norma is about to find herself in? There are a couple of reasons this would suit Norma, with the other one being her unwanted association with Nick Ford.

Bates Motel
Created by
Anthony Cipriano
Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot
Episode Release Date
14 April 2014
Ed’s Grade: B

It became pretty obvious Cody would be a lot of trouble for Norman, and even with her father now dead, and Norman almost getting into hot water over it, she couldn’t resist stirring up even more, by insisting Norman ask his mother what she was hiding from him. I’m even more convinced Cody knew exactly what she was doing with Norman the entire time, by pushing his buttons to see what would happen. Even though I’m sure Cody was being devious, the fact that she didn’t tell the police about Norman’s blackouts wasn’t so surprising, although, I’m sure she didn’t do it because Norma asked.

Norma has won a seat on the council but judging by the look of distaste and uncertainty her new colleagues have when they talk to her, it’s doubtful she got her new position of power legally. Nick Ford is sure to be behind it and he won’t be slow when it comes time to calling in favors from Norma. The council member with the office next to Norma’s was about to reveal something important, but Romero interrupted with news about Norman before he got the chance. Just how much trouble is Norma in?

After Norman is picked up by the police, the overzealous cop takes DNA and sends it away for analysis. Romero didn’t seem very pleased about this, as if he wanted to protect Norman, or perhaps I was reading the situation wrong. Regardless, Norman’s DNA has now been matched with that found at his teacher’s apartment. I think this only tells police he was at her home, but doesn’t mean he killed her.

I didn’t think Dylan would be able to control Zane, even a little, and I was proved right, as we discover when Zane knocks him out. The way Dylan was creeping about was a bit crazy and obvious, then Zane told him he knew what he was up to. Dylan should have phoned Zane’s sister right away, especially after seeing those four men, who were clearly up to no good. As Dylan lay there dazed, we could see the muzzle-flashes through the glass, and the sound of a battle going on. Dylan’s arc appears to be getting even better, with Nick Ford asking him to take out Zane. Dylan did warn Zane not to attack Nick’s place, and got himself a bloody head for his trouble.

Norman was acting really weird with everyone, and the scene where he and Emma talk showed he’s definitely getting worse. He thanked Emma for doing the right thing, but also said he couldn’t trust her anymore. Emma feels guilty about the death of Cody’s father, because if she hadn’t told Norma about his blackouts, he would never have went to Cody’s in the first place. Then Norman went all weird with his mother, demanding she tell him why he suffers from his blackouts. Obviously there’s more to this than meets the eye, and clearly Norma knows what’s going on inside his head. Did Norman’s father suffer from them too? When Norma ran up the stairs to tell Norman he was off the hook for Brennan’s death, I was waiting on Norman pushing her down the stairs. I think this was exactly what we were meant to think.

TV Recap by Lead Entertainment Writer, Ed Blackadder