Enjoyable and silly

by Martin Hafer

Bear With Us is a difficult film because although I thought the writing and situations were often rather dumb, the movie itself worked rather well. Sounds confusing, huh? Let me explain. The actors playing in the film do such a nice job that even though the plot often makes little sense…and I really don’t think the filmmakers were trying to make it all make sense! It’s the sort of film you best enjoy by simply turning off your brains and watching…and laughing. And I must say, I saw this at the end of a very long day at a film festival…it was late, I was tired and a silly film like this did just the trick.

Colin (Mark Sullivan) is a dopey guy who is head over heels in love with his girlfriend, Quincy (Christy Romano). However, it’s obvious to just about everyone but Colin that Quincy’s love is lukewarm at best. Because of this, his plan to ask her to marry him is destined to fail. In fact, he’d already asked her once and despite planning the perfect engagement, she shot him down in front of the patrons at a fancy restaurant. But Colin insists it will go differently this time. How? Well, instead of a fancy restaurant, he’ll take her out to a weekend in the wilderness that includes a stages bear attack! Huh?! Well, if I tried to explain it to you, you probably still wouldn’t understand this. Heck, I saw the film and I still have no idea what possessed Colin to do anything that he did in this goofy movie!

Bear with Us
Directed by
William J. Stribling
Christy Carlson Romano, Lea DeLaria, Cheyenne Jackson
Release Date
1 April 2016
Martin’s Grade: B

Along for the ride are a couple friends. Colin’s buddy Harry (Collin Smith) and Quincy’s friend Tammy (Alex McKenna) have oddly been invited along on this romantic weekend for two. Why you would invite anyone other than your girlfriend for this trip is baffling….and you just have to suspend disbelief and watch the weirdness that ensues. As for the friends, the audience will be happy they are along because these bizarro buds are hilarious…particular Harry.

In fact, of all the actors in the film, Collin Smith was the standout actor for me despite being in a supporting role. Much of it is because he is a fine young actor and the rest is that although he seems like a too-stupid-to-live sort of sidekick (the type you’d find in The Bachelor Party films), as the film progresses you realize that this character has amazing depth and isn’t just some annoying stereotypical friend.

Overall, despite a plot that seldom makes much sense, the film is fun and worth seeing. And, if you watch it and wonder why they made this movie in black & white, filmmaker William Stribling revealed that because they had such a limited budget, they could cut costs by using chocolate syrup instead of fake blood! Don’t worry…it all works.