A typical rockumentary? Not even close!

by Martin Hafer

Periodically, I like to bring readers some suggestions for some incredibly outrageous and strange films. Many of these movies are foreign films or independents with quirky and absurd stories but this time I have an unusual recommendation for my You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet! series — a rock ‘n roll documentary!

Now, my reason to say that you have to see this to believe it isn’t because rock documentaries are rare–they certainly aren’t. But in this case, the subject is just plain nuts!!

Beware of Mr. Baker
Directed by
Jay Bulger
Ginger Baker, Femi Kuti, Eric Clapton
Release Date
28 November 2012
Martin’s Grade: A

Beware of Mr. Baker is a film about the famed drummer, Ginger Baker. Baker has a long history of being in bands — and soon leaving them when they achieve success. In the 1960s, he achieved fame with Cream and Blind Faith and soon both bands broke apart and folks went their separate ways. Why? Well, it seems that most of it was because Baker was so abrasive, angry and unpredictable. The film not only has many interviews with those who have known the man (and in some cases, folks who were attacked by the guy) but also features a scene where the elderly Baker chases the filmmaker himself–trying to throttle him and pummel him with his cane!! It’s all so very surreal and strange that you just have to see this to believe it. I’d say more…but it’s best you just try this quirky film!

By the way, if you are wondering, you do not need to be a fan of Baker’s music to really enjoy this film. I am not a fan but still loved the documentary–it is never dull! Enjoy!