Spoiler Alert!

Aaryn’s winning HOH on Thursday has sent house guests scurrying to affirm and reaffirm alliances, and when necessary, create new alliances.

The 3AM Alliance – Aaryn, Amanda, Andy, and McCrae was looking pretty good until Sunday afternoon. This  powerhouse alliance put Elissa and Helen on the block by manipulating HOH Aaryn into doing their bidding. At this point, there was a substantial power shift towards McCranda, BB15’s showmance couple. It appeared these two had a chance at final two. Then came the Veto comp and all bets were off.

Ousted houseguest, Jeremy, hosted a rough and tumble OTEV comp that left a few competitors battered and bruised. Elissa pushed, pulled, crawled, and clambered her way to Veto victory.

All houseguests, excluding Elissa and Helen, spent the next few hours bashing Elissa for imagined and real slights and blunders committed since Day 1. Naturally, Elissa’s greatest sin is her connection to BB winner Rachel Reilly. The houseguests cannot forgive Elissa for being Rachel’s sister. More savvy fans are annoyed by her clumsy game playing.

The plan was to put Spencer up in Elissa’s place and evict Helen. It appeared everyone was salivating at the thought of blindsiding Helen. The plan might have held until Thursday’s eviction had not the ever-loyal Elissa intervened.  Once Helen realized she was not the pawn, but the target, she put her political consulting skills to good use.

As unlikely as it seems, arch enemies Elissa and Aaryn could unite with Helen and GinaMarie to overthrow Amanda, McCrae, and Andy. But I wouldn’t count on it.

This is going to be an ugly week in the BB15 house. On Monday, Elissa will use the POV to save herself. Aaryn’s replacement nominee will speak volumes. If she wants to flip the power, she will nominate someone from her 3AM Alliance. If she nominates Spencer, it is more likely Helen will be evicted.

The houseguests don’t know what the twist is Thursday, but we do. One of the jury members is headed back to the house. It could be a wasted eviction if Thursday’s evictee wins reentry.

Ultimately, this week could end of being like one of those stories where the whole episode is a dream and we are back to where we were one week ago.

Review by Elizabeth Barsuglia, special to Influx Magazine