Warnings and Controversy!

Tonight’s Big Brother opened with a disclaimer and warning from CBS regarding the  controversial views of house guests. Some viewers insist CBS remove or penalize players, and others feel it is important for viewers to witness this ugly reality.

Since Thursday’s show, house guests have been busy with players scrambling after Helen/Elissa flipped enough of the votes to eliminate Nick. With Helen winning HOH and Elissa MVP, the Momsquad sealed the deal.

Now before the spoilers reveal, a little background on what the players have been up to the last few days.

Jeremy is doing dishes and cleaning up around the house when he isn’t harassing females and making racist statements. When an annoying fly lands on Howard, Jeremy states it won’t bother Howard since he’s from Africa.

Aaryn continues to defend and deny her racist behavior. After flipping the bed Candace slept on and throwing Candace’s belongings on the floor, Aaryn insists everyone is against her because she is blue-eyed, blonde, and beautiful.

Ginamarie continues to grieve over the loss of Nick. Soon she will reach the point where she has cried more hours than she knew him. If GM hasn’t read the book, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” she might want to watch the movie. There was no showmance between those two no matter how badly GM wanted one.

Helen is sitting pretty and clever enough to use the info Jeremy gives her about the Moving Company to strengthen her alliance. Without regret, Jeremy agrees to Kaitlin going on the block. Guess it’s a showmance and not true love. Gee. What a surprise.

Howard continues to lie about his alliance and further damages his standing with Helen. The ladies seem well aware of Howard’s duplicity as well as Spencer’s. These men are an unlikely alliance given Spencer’s racist comments. In real life Howard mentors young people, so given Spencer’s racist and sexist comments, it is an off putting pairing.

The nice moms, Elissa and Helen, have adopted poor little Jessie who has always felt torn between the pretty, mean girls and the nice, nerdy girls.

Judd and McCrae are staying cool and quiet, guaranteeing safety for awhile.

Update and Spoilers Reveal:

  • HOH – Helen
  • MVP – Elissa
  • On the block – Kaitlin,  Aaryn
  • MVP nominee – Spencer
  • VETO winner – Kaitlin

The Plan — Kaitlin uses VETO on herself, and Helen backdoors Jeremy. Of course, things could backfire on the backdoor long before Thursday’s eviction. Jeremy’s slimy, Amanda’s plotting, and Jessie’s needy, so no plan is safe. It should be an interesting week. Stay tuned.

Review by Elizabeth Barsuglia, special to Influx Magazine