The Moving Company is Sent Packing!

The Goof Troop is the powerhouse alliance within an alliance this week. Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd are controlling the house with their fake alliance, The Knock-Outs. With Helen and Elissa, believing they are in a six person alliance, the Goof Troop is hoping to use Helen and Elissa to their advantage.

Helen’s HOH and Elissa’s MVP allow the Goof Troop/Knock-Outs to set revenge of the nerds in motion.

The plan is to backdoor Jeremy. Eviction nominees Aaryn and Kaitlin are joined by MVP nominee Spencer. Kaitlin wins the trampoline VETO competition and the pressure is on because if Kaitlin uses the VETO, Jeremy goes on the block. Jeremy was certain his self-proclaimed Cherokee charm would save him by convincing Kaitlin to keep herself on the block. Obviously, his charm failed.

The Moving Company is being moved out one man at a time, and Thursday’s live episode should send Jeremy packing.

Jeremy has less than 24 hours to flip the house. He is working every angle possible to remain in the game. However, it is unlikely. This time the bully gets beat down and moved out.

Following Jeremy’s eviction, everyone but Helen, competes for HOH. If a Knock-Out member wins and the alliance doesn’t self destruct, Howard, Spencer, and Aaryn are the big targets, and Ginamarie, Candace, and Jessie are the pawns.


Review by Elizabeth Barsuglia, special to Influx Magazine