‘Black Summer’ is an intense rollercoaster, ditching the campy approach of Z Nation

by Gordon Shelly

The second season of Black Summer picks up a short while after the first season ended. It continues with the same intensity in a series where none of the characters are safe.

Throughout the entire first season, it was never known which characters would live or die, or who would continue on as a main character. A similar approach to season 2 keeps viewers on their toes and never quite certain of how things will turnout.

Of course, many familiar faces return including Rose (Jamie King) and her daughter Anna (Zoe Marlett), as well as Spears (Justin Chu Cary), Sun (Christine Lee), and Lance (Kelsey Flower), but there is no guarantee that any of them will make it to season 3!

Many villainous characters are introduced in the eight episodes and the protagonists must perform their own acts of villainy to survive.

While Black Summer is a predecessor to Z Nation, also produced by Asylum, this has the look and feel of a very different show. The production itself seems more refined and it drops the campiness beloved by Z Nation fans.

The season revolves around various survivors trying to find a hidden airport, with a plane, a pilot, and a rumored escape plan.

Black Summer: Season 2 is horrific at times and keeps the adrenaline pumping through each episode as the world and humanity unravel while the zombie apocalypse ravages the Earth and its dwindling survivors.

Gordon’s Grade: B+