Boardwalk Empire begins with Van Alden (Shannon) showing some reserved but forceful floral delivery technique (see attached trailer), and we finally find out what’s actually eating Eddie, why he’s been a bit off with Nucky. It was also an interesting episode for the missing woman who caused so much grief for Dunn Purnsley, after he brutally killed the perverted Dickie, husband of said woman. I enjoy watching the oft insulted, explosive Chalky White, barely holding back his rage at the ignorant racists he has to deal with. This is a show that is filled with memorable performances, however, one of the more interesting ones is easily by Jack Huston, playing the facially disfigured, and complicated Richard Harrow. The killing machine he has become is now thinking about his fellow human beings, and for me, at least, was a great piece of writing.

Boardwalk Empire
Directed by
Alik Sakharov
Steve Buscemi, Shea Whigham, Gretchen Mol, Michael K. Williams, Stephen Graham
Release Date
15 September 2013
Ed’s Grade: A+

Van Alden is now working for Dean O’Banion as a flower delivery person but he also “collects” for the mobster. One moment he’s handing flowers to respectable citizens, the next threatening someone who owes O’Banion cash. He’s like a fish out of water and after the boss points out to an almost broken Alden he has hay-fever, he sends the ex-cop to keep an eye on Capone. O’Banion wants him to report back if Capone and co decide to hang around Chicago. Alden also has to deal with his wife Sigrid, who has purchased a new couch which must be paid by installments. (It was funny watching Alden’s attempt at calculating the overall costs). Alden gets hurt during a fight at Candidate Pflaum’s rally, where Capone and his men run riot, breaking heads with baseball bats. At one point Alden actually looks to be back to his old self again but a judicial smack on the forehead with a wooden folding-chair puts paid to his short reverie.
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Richard Harrow, having arrived previously at his sisters home, has discovered Emma is in serious debt. The widow is heavily pregnant, and tells her brother how it came to be so. She needs the elderly family mutt put out of its misery, however, Harrow apparently has had enough of killing which will have consequences for the war veteran.

Chalky White has now got to sort out some unexpected trouble when Dickie Pastor’s wife shows up with the bible quoting Dr. Valentin Narcisse. Narcisse wants something done about the death of Pastor as he had business dealings with the dead man, and soon causes trouble for the new club owner, but Chalky being a hot-head ends up having to enlist the help of Nucky Thompson. They eventually come to an understanding, but it ends very badly for one person in particular.

Nucky is introduced to Agent Knox, who we saw last episode killing his crooked partner. He attempts to joke with Nucky when they meet but Nucky tells the Agent they will not meet again, and that he should have dealings with Eli from now on. Knox is claiming to be helping Nucky but at the end of the episode we learn just who Knox is really working for. Eddie hands in his resignation to Nucky (hence the title of this episode), telling him he is no longer respected by Thompson. Nucky must decide what to do with Eddie but he clearly doesn’t want to let the loyal man go. We learn just what his decision is at the close and was rather satisfactory to to not only Eddie, but also to myself.

TV Review by Ed Blackadder, Lead Entertainment Writer

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