Acres of Diamonds

Last episode saw Eddie, before being promoted, prepare Nucky’s travelling gear. Nucky is now in sunny Tampa to do a deal with Bill McCoy, an old pal just out of prison. Nucky also gets to meet a possible new love-interest in the shape of Patricia Arquette. It looks like Chalky White might have mutiny on his hands too. With Ron Livingston also joining the cast, that’s two well known celebs to shuffle-in, after the demise of Bobby Cannavale’s Gyp (for which he just won an Emmy). Richard Harrow left some unfinished business that’s about to intrude in his attempt at settling down, but sister Emma appears to have a new suitor, by the name of Hugh. Dr. Narcisse has an eye on everything and he might just have spotted Chalky’s weakness.

We begin in Tampa Florida, where Nucky is about to do business. Through Bill, he meets with a local hood, Tucker, but before they all get together, Nucky picks up some interesting information about the new planned land-development, which actually puts their proposed bootlegging operation at too much risk for Nucky’s tastes. When he, Bill and Tucker meet at Sally’s (a local haunt), Nucky explains this to the pair, and then leaves Tucker and Bill sitting there. Nucky pays attention to the woman who appears to run the place, Sally (Arquette), and after he runs out of booze, goes back to Sally’s where they make some kind of connection. Nucky’s refusal to join the business venture has consequences that are revealed at the close of the show.

Boardwalk Empire
Directed by
Allen Coulter
Steve Buscemi, Shea Whigham, Gretchen Mol, Michael K. Williams, Stephen Graham
Release Date
22 September 2013
Ed’s Grade: A

Dr. Narcisse has been lecturing a group of well dressed black men, who he refers to as Libyans. He is interrupted by Mr Madden who introduces Arnold Rothstein. After a tentative chat, Narcisse tells Rothstein he wants twenty pounds of pure heroin. On the way out the door, Rothstein shakes Narcisse’s hand, but as soon as the door closes, Dr. Narcisse wipes his hand on a handkerchief. He also asks Madden to provide him with a singer for his new enterprise, as he now owns ten-percent of Chalky’s club. These two events will have effects on Chalky White but just how much is unclear at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll be something interesting.

Richard Harrow has just buried his pistol, and while clearing out the barn, gets surprise visitors. He was to kill a couple of men for Carl Billings, but didn’t finish the job, and now Billings and his thug have Harrow at gunpoint. This matter gets resolved but now Richard can’t stay. Eli’s son Willie is at collage, and after he overhears a pretty girl asking about booze, he volunteers to buy it for them as he has a connection, plus he wants to impress the girl. This gets Willie involved with Mickey Doyle, but even though he finally gets the booze, it costs him a backhander from Doyle.

Roy and Gillian are getting closer, which then leads to Roy asking her to pretend to be his wife so he can impress a business acquaintance who will be accompanied by his wife. Gillian is always a perfect hostess but keeps slipping away to “powder her nose.” After being embarrassed by someone who recognised her from her seedy past, she goes back to the powder room to inject heroin behind her knee. Purnsley and Narcisse have a powwow, and we finish with an interesting situation, thanks to Nucky thinking with the wrong head.

TV Review by Ed Blackadder, Lead Entertainment Writer

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