Eldorado (Warning, Spoilers)

Well, it ends. And, so it goes. I was a huge fan of the first two seasons. I was a fan of both Nucky and Jimmy and watched the show for both of their stories.  After season two, and the demise of Jimmy Darmody, the show began to lose me.  I stuck with it more out of an obligation, a need to see it through, much like Nucky, he had a need to see his journey through to the end … the very end.

Season three kept my attention, but barely.  Season four and season five fulfilled that obligation. Fortunately, the finale truly paid off and gave a true sense of finality, something so many shows lack when they come to a close.

Let’s also say this, there was actually no need to have even watched seasons three through five because the series finale really focused on the preceding events and the repercussions of the first two seasons.

Boardwalk Empire
Directed by
Timothy Van Patten
Steve Buscemi, Shea Whigham, Michael K. Williams, Stephen Graham, Kelly Macdonald
Release Date
26 October 2014
Brian’s Grade: B+

Nucky goes through the episode tying up all loose ends. It has a very Carlito’s Way feel to it with Nucky looking for a way out, reflecting on what got him to this point, and trying to avoid those who could lure him back in.

In a series of flashback sequences, Mark Pickering does a truly phenomenal Steve Buscemi impersonation, capturing the look, nuances and mannerisms of Nucky perfectly.  His performance should be commended!

Without giving away too much, except the ending, which I will spoil, Nucky makes amends, ties up loose ends and reflects on the ultimate choice that led him on his path.

Young Nucky (Pickering) is a conflicted soul, ultimately making a decision that leads to the final moments of the series finale.

Where season one began — with the conflict between Nucky and Jimmy — season three ends, with the conflict finally, and truly resolved.

While Jimmy has long since died, his bloodline continues, and young Tommy Darmody is just as angry and vengeful as his dad, Jimmy.

Tommy unleashes his vengeance and concludes the story of Nucky very much in the same way Nucky brought finality to Jimmy.

Needless to say, it doesn’t end well for Nucky. There will be no theatrical movies or revivals as the Empire has truly fallen, and justly so.


By Brian Barsuglia