Everyone should see this…

by Martin Hafer

As a husband and father of two daughters, this film naturally had a strong impact on me. It’s the story of Linor Abargil, a woman who was crowned Miss World back in 1998 … only weeks after she was raped. But it’s not a story just about her victimization but about her taking control of her life. Abargil has made it her life’s calling to publicize her story and use her celebrity status to lecture and meet with rape victims all over the world. Throughout this wonderful and brave film, you see her meeting with various victims around the world, such as in South Africa, the US and Italy, as well as in her native Israel. She gives inspirational talks that encourage victims, both men and women, to come forward and break the silence. Their stories are very touching and makes a huge emotional impact. But in addition to being inspired, the film will occasionally make you angry.

Brave Miss World
Directed by
Cecilia Peck
Linor Abargil, Morgan Carpenter, Joan Collins
Release Date
29 May 2015
Martin’s Grade: A+

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Prosecutors who told rape victims to drop the charges because the accused were in fraternities that chant and laugh about rape as well as offenders who sound convincing and sincere when they proclaim their innocence…all these are bound to shock you and make you angry. This is definitely a film to watch along with a box of Kleenex…as well as with your loved ones–especially your teens.

Technically speaking, this film is what you’d expect. It’s well edited and makes a very strong impact on the viewer. I sure hope to see more from Cecilia Peck, as she expertly directed this terrific documentary and, like Linor, showed a lot of courage to make such a film. See Brave Miss World, which is streaming on Netflix.

You can visit the Brave Miss World site here.