I just kept waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

by Martin Hafer

The idea for the Greek film, Chevalier, is a good one. After all, seeing a bunch of middle-aged men compulse about their masculinity can be rather funny. I should know, as I am also middle-aged and I know my wife and her friends laugh about me all the time! However, while this film is apparently a comedy, I never found myself laughing and I kept expecting more than it delivered. It’s a shame, as the acting is quite nice.

A group of six successful Greek men are taking a deluxe cruise together. They scuba dive, ride about on Waverunners, eat incredible meals and indulge themselves. However, after a few days, a weird competitiveness comes out…possibly the result of boredom and their own inner insecurities. This is odd, as it should be the trip of their lives.

Directed by
Athina Rachel Tsangari
Vangelis Mourikis, Nikos Orphanos, Yorgos Pirpassopoulos
DVD Release Date
4 October 2016
Martin’s Grade: C-

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Soon, one of them proposes a strange game where they would compete in a variety of odd and rather mundane ways…during which time they’ll grade each other to determine who is the best. And, the best will receive a ring called ‘the Chavalier’ so that he can lord their superiority over the rest of them. Naturally, this brings out the hyper-competitiveness in them and soon they’re doing some pretty stupid things to prove who’s best.

It all sounds like a recipe for hilarity and insight into the male psyche. Yet, surprisingly, I found the movie was so low-key and slow paced that I found myself struggling to stay awake and interested. But as I mentioned, despite a disappointing script, I was thrilled with the acting as it seemed so natural…like real guys on a trip instead of just a bunch of actors pretending. The bottom line is that the film is well made…just not all that satisfying.

Chevalier will be released on DVD by Strand Releasing on October 4th 2016