The actors and director were really on top of their game with this one.

by Martin Hafer

It probably helps if you like rugby if you watch this short, but it certainly isn’t necessary.  Exceptional acting (especially by Ivan Ford) and directing (by Luke McKay) are exceptional regardless–and this one sure is exceptional and well worth seeing.  Interestingly, I saw this Australian film at a film festival in Florida–and this came as a bit of a surprise.

When Colt 13 begins, an ex-ruby star, Jack Muldoon (Ford) is sitting in a bar by himself and he’s quickly becoming drunk when some other rugby players enter the bar.  Jack seems indifferent to them but they recognize him and try to engage him in conversation.  However, when Jack’s brother, Billy, enters the pub, Jack starts to open up…and he’s surly and sporting for a fight.  Obviously Jack is bearing a grudge over something…and that something is about to come exploding out of him.

The tension is thick and the fists begin flying…and that’s only the start of what’s going to be a crazy and powerful night.  What, exactly is all this about?  Well, I won’t spoil it…just see this excellent film.

As I watched this one, I realized after a while that I was sitting on the edge of my seat.  I could feel the tension and the film is one you cannot passively watch–and that makes it exceptional.  But the ending also pays off–delivering a resolution that makes sense and seems somehow possible.  Watch this one if you can find it.

Grade: A