Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story  is a well-acted continuous assault on the victims over again

by Gordon Shelly

The new Netflix miniseries, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has been praised for its accurate portrayal of notorious serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. The show has also been lauded for Evan Peters’ portrayal as the malignant murderer, with many already calling for an Emmy for acting. Additionally, the writing has been commended for the commitment to accuracy in documenting a realistic representation of the events.

This is a essentially a 10-episode true crime account of real life events. This consists of many well-documented instances of actual interactions with Dahmer, especially those after his arrest, as well as a mix of fictionalized conversations and assumptions to drive the story forward.

In no way does the show attempt to glamorize the events or present a sympathetic portrayal of Dahmer. It doesn’t ask anyone to forgive, forget, or accept anything he has done.

This is an incredibly made and very extensive account of something that really happened. Dahmer really existed. He really killed these people. He really stored human body parts. He really did practice necrophilia. He really was cannibalistic. He really was as evil and horrible as any movie can possibly portray him as, and Netflix and Evan Peters show this accordingly, never asking for anything more than who Dahmer really was.

Now, it is time to editorialize a bit. For everything positive about the miniseries has, the question I have is, is it necessary? Is it necessary to continually monetize a horrible set of occurrences in the name of corporate greed? Yes, Netflix, you’re greedy (sorry, but it’s true). 

Audiences will have an insatiable appetite to know more about people such as this and their internal machinations, and companies will continue to exploit the potential of profit by doing so. However, these productions will endlessly kill, torture, and dismember the victims again and again in the name of profit. 

Is it fair? Is it necessary? I don’t know. But it is capitalism. 

Gordon’s Grade: B