A Kickstarter Campaign by R. Paul Wilson

Con Men writer-director R. Paul Wilson has just kicked off a campaign to raise funds for his new psychological-horror thriller Darkfall. The CGI free film will be shot in Paul’s hometown of Glasgow, which is also where Con Men was filmed.

Con Men was Wilson’s 2014 debut feature, and with very little money and a whole lot of talent, he would demonstrate he had the chops to produce a polished, entertaining movie that could rival productions with far larger resources.

Darkfall will be shot entirely on film, and will be utilizing Spectral Motion (Pan’s Labyrinth). Additionally, Oscar-winner Bill Taylor will be working on VFX.

The film has already attracted several well-known backers, such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice DoP Larry Fong, Decay lead actor Rob Zabrecky, and Blood of Redemption‘s Gianni Capaldi. Would you like to add your name to the growing list of backers? Read on.

To find out more about Darkfall and how you can back the project click on the link: www.kickstarter.com/projects/493864278/darkfall


Police are summoned to a Glasgow apartment where they discover the gruesome aftermath of a bloody mass murder. There is an eerie energy, an unseen force. They all feel it. Bodies strewn across the flat are those of a group known to have dabbled in the occult.

Police later question a strange young woman who often associated with the group. There are no arrests but the sordid story takes on a life of its own, becoming front-page fodder for the tabloid press. The rumor mill starts to churn.

A television network specializing in sensational programming sees a unique opportunity for unprecedented ratings. They approach the young woman with an offer: “Lead a seance to contact the other side and we’ll televise it – LIVE”

The site is an abandoned Victorian mental asylum – an old building with deep winding corridors. The network adds three celebrities – a gossip journalist, an extreme athlete, and a beautiful starlet. The plan is for celebs and TV crew to be locked inside just before the feed goes live. Advance numbers show it could be the most-watched television event in years and we cut to people at home around the UK, preparing to watch. Most are skeptical. All are intrigued.


The TV feed goes live. Some small talk and then – the seance begins. Chanting. Shadows. Strange sounds. The celebrities and crew feel surrounded by something, as if shadows have somehow come to life. Discomfort leads to anxiety. Anxiety leads to confusion. Confusion leads to conflict, and conflict leads to chaos.

Celebrities and crew become separated in the chaos and confusion. Alone in the dark, people start to die, or do they? We cut again to the people watching at home. Is it real or just reality TV?

The network keeps broadcasting. Phones are ringing off the hook. Do they let this continue? Do they stop it? Can they stop it?

The ending … it’s killer.

To back this project click here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/493864278/darkfall