Blood Clot in Lungs Reported Cause of Death.

The recognizable Dennis Farina found Hollywood fame later in life.  In fact, acting was a second career for Farina, who first served 18 years with the Chicago Police Department.  Farina’s acting break came in the form of Lt. Mike Torello in the 1980’s television series Crime Story, which was created by Chuck Adamson, also a Chicago Police Officer.

Farina had many memorable roles in movies such as Manhunter, Midnight Run, Get Shorty and Snatch.  He was on many TV shows and may be most well-known for his role as Detective Joe Fontana on Law & Order.

Widely considered as one of the unsung greats in Hollywood, Dennis Farina (February 29, 1944 – July 22, 2013), is dead at the age of 69.


Here’s Farina in one of his most memorable roles, as Ray Barboni, in Get Shorty.  Warning: this clip does contain strong language.

[vsw id=”8RHBOfM9CFQ” source=”youtube” width=”340″ height=”260″ autoplay=”no”]

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