Deprivation Begins Filming

by Nav Qateel


Starring Gianni Capaldi (Blood of Redemption) and Dominique Swain (Face/Off),  Deprivation, a Sci-Fi/Horror based on a true story where Russian experiments that transformed humans into a primitive form were carried out on live subjects.

Capaldi recently finished filming Shadow Within in Bulgaria with co-star Lindsey Lohan. Capaldi and Lohan battle vampires in Shadow Within.

Deprivation is directed by Brian Skiba. An experienced helmer, Skiba has directed films like Blood Moon Rising (2009), Anatomy of Deception (2014) and The Jonas Project (2012).

The film also features the talents of Costas Mandylor, William Mcnamara, Holly Lynch, Selim Bayraktar and Charlotte Beckett.

Filming has begun in Rome. Deprivation is produced by Emanuele Moretti (Bite) along with Skiba Vision Productions, and co producer Giorgio Bruno.

Watch this space for more information…

Dep Double Img