Step Aside Halloween!

This ultra low budget Canadian indie is a brilliant example of how you can toss a decent little slasher flick together and still make it enjoyable. It’s pretty hard to believe it cost a mere $230.000 but it is quite good. Five frat boys, all wearing familiar masks, are out one Halloween night buying beer. Whilst in the store a lonesome figure sneaks up to the pickup and swipes a wallet, but he is spotted and the guys give chase. They catch up to the thief and start to push him around but he falls and hits his head on a rock. They leave him for dead and try to forget about it but exactly one year later the killings start up.
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I know practically all of the movie was a rip off/homage to Halloween, but it was still put together well for what little resources they had. The acting was great by everyone and it was nice seeing the steady professionalism of Danielle Harris (Hatchet III, review here), she of the real Halloween fame. There weren’t a great deal of killings but what we got still done the job. There was a nice shower scene that looked like a clear nod to one of the best and first slasher indie ever made, Psycho (yes, it was an indie!). I liked this movie.


Grade: C+