I happen to enjoy documentaries quite a bit, although I don’t often get to watch them, so I was admittedly thrilled at seeing this, Hearing how he started up Wikileaks and also of the infamous Collateral Murder video he and his colleagues put together. Even though I was aware of Julian Assange and of course Wikileaks, I hadn’t followed the stories they would leak to the public, so a lot of this was pretty much new to me. like how Jullian got hold of the information and who leaked it in the first place, so it was extremely interesting.

The documentary is made up of interviews with all the original Wiki staff, heads of major government departments including ex CIA chief Michael Hayden and is told chronologically. About half is made up of news footage, gunship footage and the like, and made for intense viewing, with the other half made up of interviews. The build up to these facts was good and I learned a lot about how Julian seemed to be a natural public figure. I had no idea just how big a part he played in the scandal over the Icelandic banks collapse and he seemed pleased with his results.

The most interesting part of the documentary is when we finally get to hear of Bradley Manning and how easily he, and other soldiers could access incredible amounts of secret information, all thanks to 9/11. It talked of his confused sexuality and how he was constantly picked on by other soldiers because of his effemininity. These were facts unknown to me and actually had a bearing on why he did what he did. I’m unsure as to just how popular this will be but it isn’t the greatest documentary I’ve ever seen, however if you are remotely interested in Wikileaks then this is a must see.


Grade: B (8/10)

E Blackadder

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