Scarred Tissue

With Deborah being on the verge of a complete breakdown, Vogel is now tasked with helping her mend, but can she do it? After the last episode, where she confesses to Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington), it looks as though she’ll have her work cut out for her. We get to closer examine Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) reason for needing Debs, but he’s beginning to realise, things aren’t as simple as that. Dexter has always been a bit suspicious of Vogel’s true intentions, so we at last find out what she’s really up to, but also find out some truths about Harry. I wouldn’t say this was the best episode of season 8, but going by the standard of the previous three, it has some tough competition. The quality of writing for the finale has been that good.

Debs (Jennifer Carpenter) and Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) are in the container that holds all the answers. It’s where she shot LaGuerta, and still hates herself for doing so, but Vogel is sure that Debs needs to face this. Vogel has also been showing her videos she made of her sessions with Harry, and Debs does at least show signs that she’s taking it in. Vogel has also been talking to Dexter, and telling him he must stay away, but he’s not convinced by all she’s telling him. Quinn gets some good news from Angel, but it seems it might come at a cost to Batista’s future.

Dexter is tracking down another of Vogel’s former patients, Yates, and notices a scar on his head. He eventually breaks into Yates’ house, where he discovers a large collection of womens shoes. He takes prints and talks to Vogel on his cell, all the while being watched by the suspect, in a hidden room, where he has a woman bound by the wrists. Oh dear.

Quinn, Angel and Jamie are at a bar celebrating Quinn’s promotion, when he gets into a fight, after he hears Deborah’s name being mentioned in a talk about her DUI. He punches the other cop, then an annoyed Jamie (Aimee Garcia) and he, go home but they eventually make up. Back at home, Dexter is saying goodbye to Jamie and her friend Cassie, and Cassie is clearly interested in him, and by the looks of things, he in her.

Debs makes some headway with vogel, but as things start to go well, she learns something new about Harry. Dexter has set a trap for Yates. He found the girl in his hidden room, almost bled out. After dropping her outside the hospital, he meets Vogel at Yates’ house where she’s shown the room. His computer has some interesting stuff about he and Vogel, which he’s none too pleased at learning. Now he’s waiting in care home, with Yates’ father. On arrival, Dexter makes his presence known before he tries to pounce with his syringe (this part annoyed me, because Dexter never, ever does it like this, allowing the easiest escape ever witnessed on this show), but Yates is willing to kill his own father to escape. Later, Debs says a strange goodbye to Quinn, before seeing Dexter at the station. She and Dexter go for a drive, where they talk about why Harry really killed himself. Then all hell breaks lose. I forgot to mention, Vince gets a massive surprise from a nice young lady, who strangely, has the exact same laugh, and eyes as our balding lab geek.

Grade: A-

Nav Qateel.

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