Keep it in the Family

This was a solid episode of Dexter, where the strongest of the characters got something to add to their story. Vince, finding out he has a daughter could be a good thing — or not, because, after all, this is a show about a seriel killer, so lets not count any chickens just yet. Joey is obviously pissed at Captain Mathews, practically being ordered to ignore the leads, and clearly making sure his “friend” is kept in the clear. The Captain has obviously told his buddy about the witness that was found, and instructed him to pay the guy off. Mathews was never 100% innocent in Dexter, but I think we may yet find he has some hidden agenda, or is a secret killer himself. The other theory I have has Mathews the head of a secret organization, not unlike the so called “Illuminati,” where he has always known about Dexter’s little indiscretions.

Dexter and Deborrah are sitting in front of Dr Vogel, doing a spot of family therapy. Dexter is clearly very angry with Debs, after her attempt at killing them both, then eventually rescuing him from certain drowning. After Dexter storms out, Vogel tells Debs he’s hurt more than anything. Dexter begins to question the need for a family, after getting unusually annoyed with Harrison, and he inadvertently agrees to have Kathy over for dinner. Jamie tells a very distracted Dexter, she thought the pair hit it off, after their last brief encounter.

As Dexter does his familiar slow-mo walk into work, he’s thinking he can lock himself in his office, to clear his mind, but he’s ordered into the briefing room, where Joey is showing some initiative, by taking charge of the morning brief. They now know who to look for, but while this is going on, Vogel is being taken by Yates. Dexter has been ignoring the phone, whenever Debs calls, so she goes to the Yates crime scene, to fetch Dexter. they are now on the hunt for Yates’ new hiding place, somewhere he can torture Vogel very slowly to death, like all the others.

Joey has been told by Mathews, now that he’s been offered up for promotion to sergeant, he should watch his step (not in those words). Vince is now questioning the motives for his daughter Niki showing up like that. He asks Debs to discreetly investigate. I wonder what we’ll discover in her, or Vince’s past? I’ve enjoyed every single episode of this season, and don’t see it going downhill now. I hope this holds true till the very last.

Grade: A-

Nav Qateel.

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