Infestation – Recap (Spoiler Warning!)

It looks like Big Jim Rennie is serious about becoming Chester’s Mill answer to David Koresh, and he now has the residents looking up to him once again. Barbie and Julia can see it for what it really is but even they’re arguing about what’s right for the townies. I wasn’t certain Angie was a goner after seeing her being attacked by an axe-wielding psycho at the close of last week’s episode. But as we all know, Angie isn’t exactly the luckiest person in Chester’s Mill, especially when it comes to men. You can watch a Youtube clip of Angie’s murder here.

Under The Dome
Created for Television by
Brian K. Vaughan
Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Alexander Koch, Dean Norris
Episode Air Date
7 July 2014
Ed’s Grade: C+

Everything is pointing at Junior being the killer and we even have Junior blaming Big Jim for Angie’s murder. Joe and Norrie take one of Melanie Cross’s shoes to compare with the blood-stained shoe-print found at the crime-scene. They show Deputy Phil the shoe and when matches the one found at the scene, he takes Melanie to jail. Joe and Norrie come across Junior who is looking for evidence to prove his father had something to do with Angie’s death. After they tell him about the shoe, the three of them head to the police station. Julia and Barbie arrive just in time to stop Joe from shooting Mellanie, but I doubt Joe would’ve followed through.

There appears to be a connection with Junior’s uncle, Melanie and Barbie, but so far it’s only been hinted at. However, whatever the connection is, it could play a big part of this second season. Melanie suddenly appearing out of nowhere, then Julia saving her twice now, could mean Julia is also somehow connected to this new mystery. Right now, Jim’s new-found faith and Junior’s supposed guilt is taking center stage, more so than the infestation of Monarch butterfly caterpillars.

Rebecca tried to burn a field in an attempt at killing all the caterpillars before they could wipe out the entire Chester’s Mill food supply. Big Jim came up with the idea of using a crop-dusting plane to spray pesticides, but he also saw it as a way to prove himself worthy. Jim thinks the dome–or some higher power–is testing his faith and he means to prove he has what it takes. Jim wasn’t too pleased when Barbie flew the crop-duster instead of him but he pretended like he was happy. Jim also gave a speech that worried Barbie and Julia, and could be an indicator of what’s to come this season. Jim could end up leading some kind of dome cult and he knows he has the backing of almost every Chester’s Mill resident.

The clues all pointing to Junior’s guilt seem a bit too on-the-nose so I’m thinking it might just be a red herring. That would then mean we don’t know who the killer is but I think Junior’s uncle is a strong possibility if it turns out not to be Junior. Julia and Barbie are having trouble with their relationship and young Joe is taking Angie’s death hard.

by Ed Blackadder