by Martin Hafer

Of all the types of films there are, short films are among my favorites.  After all, they often give you a chance to see into the future — to see super-talented folk before they become famous.  Well, a good example would be Adam Stephen Kelly’s recent short, Done In.  It’s a terrific short — and it crams a wonderful story into only 8-minutes.

The film is unusual because it features Guy Henry and you only see another actor at the very end.  Henry’s character narrates the film — so there is no actual dialogue.  Despite these seeming hindrances, the film is top-notch — with excellent production values and a deliciously dark twist at the end.

Done In
Written & Directed by
Adam Stephen Kelly
Guy Henry, Gordon Styles
Release Date
3 March 2014
Martin’s Grade: A

The film consists of a man named Henry, writing a lengthy suicide note. In it, he bids goodbye to the world and then briefly talks about his regrets — such as his relationship with his estranged son.  When it is all over, the surprise occurs — and I won’t say more, as it would completely spoil this dark and twisted film.

The bottom line is that the film was very professionally made, and entertained me from start to finish. The acting, camerawork and music were all very effective.  And, because it is so very well made, I marveled that Adam Stephen Kelly has never directed a film up until Done In…never.  His resume is rather short — with five production credits for relatively obscure films.  However, doing films like Done In demonstrates that he has exceptional talent and instincts and I expect to see more excellent work from Kelly. Five out of five for Done In!

Watch it for free by clicking here