Adam McKay’s Long-Awaited Film is a dr-Obama-tic Climate Change Satire that Demands to be Seen in Theaters for Raising Lukewarm Awareness for Gore-y Global Warming

by Hassan Ilahi

Inconvenient truth behind climate change’s scarcely faced day after tomorrow without deep impact tragedy. It’s all-too-common Rowling Mad-eyes how easily Hollywood’s Weasley-ed out realities coaxing contemporary Muggles into believing apocalyptic catastrophes are Voldemort-ifying Horcru-oaxes. As exemplars, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet perpetuated Insomnia-inducing globalization catastrophes uncertainty following Prestige astronomer on Interstellar galaxies. However, in country entangled political outcry Cobb-webs it’s ex-Inception-ally simple sowing disbelief seeds into psyches unable verify if global-warming Mal-icious dream or reality without totem-tops to simplify. Despite politicians’ lawa-Biden-ing perspectives circumventing Gore-y globalized warmings to Thunder-berg-ous standing ovations, simultaneously contrarians have am-Bush-ed world-leader dr-Obama-tically overreacting to catastrophe easily Trump-ed without utilizing fingers. Considering politicians aside, Leonardo-hearted Wolves-of-Wall-Street are reprimanded after seldom practicing go-green beliefs they’ve frequently preached spending Belfort-unes on he-Donnie-stic yacht-ride threatening 418.4 carbon-dioxide (Daily Mail, 2019). Evoking Winslet-some lover on Titanic ship facing unforeseeable tragedies, accepting global-warming crystal-clear evidence’s tip-of-iceberg of nation facing resource scarcity lifeboat shortage leaving passenger in ship-wreck tragedy. Nonetheless, temperatures threatening to achieve 1.5° Celsius in 2023 (UN Report, 2018) suggest rain’s unlikely. Why are 2012 Armageddon forewarnings considered lightly?

Titanic tragedies where world-leaders decline DiCaprio-cious scientists’ prophecies seriously refusing perceiving meteoroids strike earth throwing humanity into Armageddon uncertainty captured in Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up. Ambitious, comic and informative, comedy persuades Trump politicians treat climate seriously. With satire, McKay battles climate stigma. Boasting exquisite visuals, engrossing story and strong acting, it’s sensational satire. Although Don’t Look Up’s riveting, it isn’t flawless. It vilifies politicians, suffering ham-fisted ending. Nonetheless, it offers eco-friendly entertainment.

Amidst Washington D.C., Don’t Look Up follows anxiety-ridden astronomers’ expedition warning global-warming without headline-grabbing. Leonardo DiCaprio personifies Dr. Mindy, exasperating astronomer whose nightmare’s environmental tragedies. Following meteoroids-discovery, Mindy transverses journeys forewarning humanity accompanied student Kate (Jennifer Lawrence). However, politicians’ ignorance cultivates boiling-points. As Mindy discriminates media, he combats environmental stigma.

Adam McKay’s commonly magnetized Anchorman’s news-media’s attention forecasting Big Short political predictions to Vice-presidents. Following 2015’s The Big Short’s financial-crashes acknowledgement, McKay’s become extraordinary filmmaker. His Oscar-winning The Big Short explained Baleful factors contributing toward 2007 Housing-Market-Crash through Gos-appealing satire. With Don’t Look Up, however, McKay constructs environmental satire. It’s McKay’s first endeavor depicting modern-era’s end-of-the-world reaction through tragicomedy, but accomplishes effectively. Through spellbinding cinematography, McKay demonstrates astronomers’ expedition persuading political-leaders environmental catastrophes against paparazzi’s. Recalling James Cameron’s Titanic, McKay successfully weaponizes cross-cutting foreshadowing media, politicians and scientists’ apocalypse reactions. Evoking love-birds’ paranoia amidst ship-wreck tragedies against violin-players composing soul-soothing music, cross-cutting effectively showcases contrast between scientific paranoia and politicians’ doomsday indifferences. Drawing contradictory apocalyptic understandings, McKay constructs plausible hypothetical doomsday-apocalypse reactions. If Fisher Steven’s documentary Before the Flood perpetuated DiCaprio-cious environmentalism propaganda before flood without recognizing deniers, McKay suggests environmentalism requires collective-willpower in cross-cutting. For filmmaker chastised demonstrating b-Obama-stic politics intervene art, McKay judiciously avoids repeating Trump cards twice. Along cinematographer Linus Sandgren, McKay forewarns apocalypse through cross-cutting. McKay commemorates global-warming, constructing Cinematic viewing.

If end-of-the-world cautionary stories don’t magnetize attention, however, there’s innumerable reasons to stream Don’t Look Up. Given global-warming’s gloomy atmosphere, Don’t Look Up’s laugh-out-loud humor’s pleasantly surprising. McKay’s greatest screenwriting strength’s aptitudes creating multidimensional environmental warmings demonstrations through tragicomedy. In Hollywood, environmental blockbusters are commonly politically-supported, abandoning laugh-out-loud offending sensibilities. It’s impossible setting political understanding aside for filmmakers investigating subject commonly necessitating serious-minded reflections. As exemplification, Ronald Emmerich’s The Day After Tomorrow hypothesized scenarios whereby world end day-after-tomorrow depicted no laughing consideration matter. This builds minimal emotional investments, perpetuating environmental misunderstandings. Fortunately, though, Don’t Look Up avoids complications. McKay wisely avoids taking global-warming discussions point-of-views. Recalling Todd Phillips’ Joker, McKay effectively employs tragicomedy addressing elephant-in-room subjects. For instance, humor’s utilized effectively in doomsday news-media sequence. In hysterically-hilarious sequence, Dr. Mindy and Kate are live-news interviewed following meteoroid discovery. Moods simultaneously change effortlessly hilarious to serious when Kate denunciates news-media ridiculing end-of-world. One acknowledges tragicomedy combination demonstrating news-media environment reactions in Joaquin-tessential style emulating Joker’s gun-shooting. Like Arthur Fleck’s sudden mood swings on Dent coin flips from hilarious to ‘why-so-serious?’ mental illness reflections, Kate’s outburst honors environment passion.  In genre where end-of-the-world exaggerated lie, its departure considering eye-brow-raising apocalypse doomsday-comedies (ex. Seth Rogen’s This is the End). Through unconventional screenplay, McKay honors environmentalists.

One appreciates astronomical performances. While McKay’s criticized ignoring real-life scientists, actors master jargon authentically.

Leonardo DiCaprio delivers career-defining performance as Doctor Mindy. DiCaprio achieved appreciations embodying Belfort-unate entrepreneurs in autobiographies (ex. Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street). With Don’t Look Up, however, he personifies scientific character. It’s intimidating personifying astronomer all-too-commonly communicating through technical jargon. However, DiCaprio succeeds-in-spades. Evoking Roy Scheider in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws DiCaprio builds astronomer whose warning world needs bigger boat avoiding doomsday jaws’ neglected. With riveting expressions, he conveys angst, intelligence and resentment of global-warming scientist. It’s excellent environmentalist performance.

Jennifer Lawrence’s marvelous as law-breaking scientist picking Winter’s Bone with media attention forewarning Hunger Games predictions endangering American Hustle reputations. Memorializing Julia Roberts in Steven Soderbergh’s Erin Brockovich, Lawrence constructs feminist scientist battling media’s environmental stigma. As Kate Dibiasky, Lawrence successfully domineers authority using voice-pitch. Whether reprimanding news-reporter mocking meteoroids or quietly praying before doomsday-apocalypse, Lawrence personifies scientist through voice-pitch. It’s phenomenal performance celebrating scientists.

Concluding standout’s Meryl Streep. As Streept-smart politician, she suggests nobody embodies devilish women wearing Prada better.

Despite award-worthy acting, however, Don’t Look Up constructs Deep Impact meteors shattering Earth 2012 quantities without Vice-roy jewelries discovered happenstance 28 Days Later following Titanic shipwrecks tragedy in Great Dictator disaster movies. McKay’s decision placing global-warming responsibilities solely on politicians’ shoulders audacious and controversial, but doesn’t work. McKay villainizes politicians as greedy adversaries without considerable humanity more appropriate for Saturday Night Live sketch. Although politicians are partially responsible for global-warming, it’s unfair pointing fingers. As McKay’s Vice demonstrated, in satires ar-Cheney-my presidents necessitate humanity. Moreover, comedy’s undermined meteorically misjudged ending. It’s humanity-triumphs-adversity conclusion sugarcoating global-warming’s consequences. Whereas divine-intervention ending raised Ronald Emmerich’s 2012, it perpetuates mixed global-warming messages. Foolishly, it erroneously suggests wealthiest individuals survive apocalypse. Hence, satire falters.

Conclusively, not everyone’ll warm-up looking favorably upon Don’t Look Up’s global-warming prophecies depending on political ideology. Evoking Charlie Chaplin’s Hitler takedown The Great Dictator chastised following genocide, comedy’s subject won’t please everyone in nation amid nationwide modern-times divide. McKay covers bold topics including greed, environments and media hysteria. Viewers with Trump-like political-leanings won’t enjoy movie. Similarly, viewers without environmentalism Doctorates-degrees won’t acknowledge messages. Therefore, Don’t Look Up won’t tickle everyone’s bones.

Ultimately, Don’t Look Up’s paranoid astronomer forewarning Big Short meteor prediction ar-Cheney-mey Vice-presidents with Anchorman media exaggeration. A captivating call-to-actions, it illustrates Cinema’s powerful persuasions tactic rescuing environment. If Gore-geous country’s world-leader believe Clinton-nical dictionaries are no use in Trumping dr-Obama-tic environment tragedies which is resolved sitting tight and assessing catastrophe, it’s time Hollywood heard DiCaprio-cious scientists forewarning deep impact meteoroid hitting Earth Day after Tomorrow compensating king-of-the-world lover on Titanic ship opportunity McFly back-to-the-future despite Great Dictator parading shooting star backs’ tattoo demonstrating Mayan wrongfully foreshadowing 2012 prophecies need stop worrying and love bomb rarely in-Vader danger to Lukewarm galaxy where Wolf-of-Wall-Street aren’t allowed to capitalize Belfort-une threatening carbon-dioxide in Stratton-egic company impeached by Brockovich-enhearted attorneys pursuing envi-Erin-mental sustainabilities.

Hassan’s Grade: B+