I really wanted to like this

by Martin Hafer

In recent years, I’ve seen quite a few very impressive sci-fi films which were created on shoestring budgets. Using various computer programs, modern low-budget filmmakers are able to create effects which would have cost many millions just a few years before. Films can now make realistic-looking space ships, explosions and outer-space scenes that look very impressive. Because of this, I often enjoy low-budget sci-fi films and was really looking forward to Doomsday. Unfortunately, while I did generally like the look of the film, the script just seemed confusing, sometimes made little sense, and was just too talky.

Written & Directed by
Neil Johnson
Alain Terzoli, Amy Pemberton, Darren Jacobs
Release Date
19 August 2015
Martin’s Grade: D+

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Doomsday opens on a man fleeing a repressive apocalyptic future society landing his spacecraft on Earth. A couple see him crash-land and immediately help the guy — even when he gets them involved with a weird battle between him and something like a Terminator. Think about it — they don’t go to the police or contact the military, all because this guy Achilles tells them not to! What follows is a whole lotta killing and mayhem, all during which his female accomplice realizes that Achilles cannot be trusted but she helps him anyways. In the end, much like Terminator 2, Achilles must give his life in order to save the future.

So what we have is a film that is, at times, too much like a Terminator film but which also features some characters whose actions seldom make sense. Combine that with some choppy editing and you have a movie that isn’t quite ready. On the other hand, I do see some promise with the film and at times it worked well enough that I do want to see more from the people who made it — provided they perfect their craft and take the time to work out the rough patches.