Director B. Luciano Barsuglia (IMDb link) recently wrapped his latest production, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (IMDb link), and is ready to put the finishing touches to this true-to-text horror classic. Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s brilliant 1931 novel of the same name, Barsuglia has gathered together a truly wonderful cast, including two Oscar-winners, to tell his tale. Barsuglia’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will be remembered as legendary Oscar-winning actor Mickey Rooney’s last ever role, as sadly, Mr Rooney passed in April of this year. The cast also includes Oscar-winner Margaret O’Brien (The Secret Garden), Shaun Paul Piccinino (The Lackey) as Dr. Jekyll, Gianni Capaldi (Blood of Redemption) as Mr. Hyde, and a host of other very talented thespians. Where Barsuglia’s movie differs from others is in the fact that it is also an educational film, teaching students the wonders of classical literature. For further information please read on, or click on the link below.

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“We are done with principal photography but the journey is far from over. You can still get involved as a producer to help us finishing making this movie!

The movie is shot but we still have a lengthy post-productiong phase to re-create 19th Century London. Your involvement still goes a long way in helping us finish.

Everybody involved in the production was very saddened to learn of the passing of Mickey Rooney. We consider ourselves fortunate and humbled to have spent time with and filmed with Mickey. His role was completed and will be included in the final production. We are extremely proud to have been able to capture his final role in this film.

We also had the incredibly good fortune to work with Oscar-winner Margaret O’Brien (Meet me in St. Louis), veteran character actor Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior, Commando, Weird Science), and William McNamara (Copycat), along with the many incredibly talented actors we have involved.”

“One of the most unique aspects of this production is its built-in audience. We have an incredible market for distribution — education! Not only will we be aiming for the usual routes of distribution, but we aim to make this a movie that closely follows the work of the novella with the intention of it also being able to be used as a theater-quality teaching tool. We hope this will be the set the stage for a franchise of high quality entertainment-based education films that will appeal to both a general audience but also have a firm and necessary place in education. We already have guaranteed distribution with Amazon Prime (Amazon’s version of Netflix).