Glamorizing the thug life

I’ll admit it—I am a rather old fashioned guy.  I don’t particularly want to see movies that are filled with nudity, violence, vomiting and crudeness.  This sometimes is an issue, as many films these days have all the above and then some…and I review films!  Such is the case when I watched the oddly titled Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe—a film thoroughly soaked in nastiness.  Some might enjoy the film because it is very stylish and exciting, though I was very turned off because it glamorizes the thug lifestyle (at least until the end of the film).  Nudity, cursing, sex, drug abuse, stealing—it’s all in this film from start to finish.  My feeling is that life is too short to watch depressing films like this.

Eenie Meenie Miney Moe
Directed by
Jokes Yanes
Andres Dominguez, Belkys Galvez, David Lago
Release Date
17 April 2014
Martin’s Grade: C-

The film is set in Miami and concerns a small group of young ‘business associates’ who live life on the edge—with hot girls and all the best that money will buy.  It’s all thanks to money they earn by stealing cars and selling drugs.  In fact, there really isn’t a whole lot of plot during most of the movie—just guys like Vlad and Raul earning money through any sleazy means necessary.  It’s just one scene after another of the characters having sex, doing or selling drugs and breaking the law.  As a result, it was not only very crude but also became rather boring…at least until the end which I must admit that I did appreciate quite a bit.  Another problem is that in addition to having little in the way of plot, it’s impossible to care about any of the characters—they’re all low-lifes and have little in the way of character development.  This makes this movie a very, very hard film for me to enjoy and when tragedy strikes them, I felt myself thinking that this wasn’t such a bad thing!

While I watched the film I was prepared to give it an absolutely scathing review.  And, although I was definitely repulsed by the film, at least it did end very well and was well made.  You see that although these folks live fast, have no morals values and are jerks, at least there IS a price to pay for all this.  Had the film simply ended with these jerks being happy jerks, it would have really turned me off and I would have given it a D-.  Fortunately, the end IS hard-hitting and well done.  But, even with a nice moral lesson at the end, I found that enduring the nastiness that came before all this just too much to bear.  Not a terrible film and the production values are very slick and well done (especially the music and editing), but it’s the sort of film I hope to not see again.  Think twice about seeing Eenie Meenie Miney Moe — and don’t even think about watching it with your mother or small kids!  However, if you have a punk teen of your own, perhaps it will be an interesting, if very crude, film to watch together.

Review by Lead Entertainment Writer & Film Critic, Martin Hafer