Everlast: Eat at Whitey’s

Rating: A

The third album from Everlast follows the unique, nearly groundbreaking release Whitey Ford Sings the blues.  Eat at Whitey’s continues with the same musical experimentation explored in the previous CD.

Take hip hop, rap, rock and old-fashioned folk storytelling — plop it in a blender — and out comes Eat at Whitey’s.  This album has already been repeatedly touted as a mix of Bob Dylan and just about anything.

From start to finish, Eat at Whitey’s is heavily layered, with beats you can shake your head to and melodies that last in your mind.

It doesn’t necessarily have songs the promise the overzealous radio play of the Whitey Ford, and, at least for the fans, that could be a good thing.  Everlast already has a strong fan base and there’s no need for stations like KROQ to spoil a good thing by playing it every fifteen minutes.