It’s insanely stupid and makes no apologies.

by Martin Hafer

Director Minoru Kawasaki has made a career out of making insanely awful films. Now, I am not talking about awful like an Ed Wood film-awful, just awful because the plot and the premise is completely crazy to begin with.

Yet there are many of us who love insanely awful films because they can be absolutely hilarious. That’s why Executive Koala is another addition to my “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!” series.

Executive Koala tells the story of a hardworking and dedicated executive in Japan named Keiichi. He’s an important man in his company, he’s the envy of his co-workers and women think he’s incredibly sexy. There’s only one problem, though, he’s a giant koala! Throughout this entire movie, Keiichi is played by some guy in a big koala suit. But that’s not all. For no actual reason I can figure out, the boss is a giant white bunny and the guy who works in the local convenience store is a frog. However, all the rest of the characters are humans! I should also point out that this isn’t a cartoon. Does it sound 100% insane? Yep! That’s because it is!!

Executive Koala
Directed by
Minoru Kawasaki
Lee Ho, Eiichi Kikuchi, Arthur Kuroda
Release Date
14 January 2006
Martin’s Grade: D-

Unfortunately for nice-guy Keiichi, soon his girlfriend is found dead–stabbed to death by some maniac! And, with Keiichi’s old wife missing for three years, the police naturally think this marsupial is responsible. After a while, even Keiichi begins to think he might be guilty. Is he a serial-killing maniac, or is this some elaborate plot being organized by the forces of evil?! See the film and find out for yourself … if you dare!!

If you think that this could be a good film or that it might eventually make any sense, you’d be wrong. The film doesn’t even attempt to be coherent. The story is punctuated with bizarre and bloody dream-sequences, including a hand-puppet named Momo, the flying squirrel. And the ending would only make sense if you were either, under the influence of a hallucinogen, or, if you’ve recently been smacked on the head with a large hammer, giving you a severe head injury. But, oddly, I liked it. Executive Koala has a wonderfully silly and wicked sense-of-humor and is also a lot of fun. People who like conventional films need not apply. You really need to have a willingness to just turn off your brain and enjoy!