A list of films by the ever-amusing Will Ferrell, you must see.

by Martin Hafer

I recently came up with a list of Adam Sandler films that can be read here. Like Sandler, Will Ferrell is also an ex-Saturday Night Live cast member, though his choices of films are a bit different. In recent years, it seems as if Ferrell has often chosen films that interest him regardless of their marketability. So, for every mainstream Hollywood film he’s made like Anchorman, he’s also done some interesting films which defy what you would expect from a major box office draw. Below is a list of his must-see films as well as some bonus recommendations:

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

This film is very dumb and tries very, very hard to be exactly that. But, it’s also hilarious–particularly if you live in NASCAR country. Don’t expect Shakespeare or Masterpiece Theatre…but it is funny and is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I particularly loved watching Ricky’s sons, Walker and Texas Ranger.

Casa de mi Padre

This is, by far, is the strangest film I can recall being made by any American actor during the last decade. I have no idea why, but Ferrell stars in a Spanish-language movie where he needs to deliver his lines in Spanish–even though he reportedly only took a few years of the language long ago when he was in high school. The film is bizarre from start to finish and is really indescribable. It’s just a film you need to see to believe.

Lego Movie

This was my nomination for Best Animated Film of the year, yet oddly it was not nominated for this year’s Oscar. Ferrell is wonderful as both the villain as well as the oddly misguided father who bonds with his son over Lego. He is one of the best things about the movie.


Another wonderful animated feature. Because it came out when Despicable Me came out, it might have gotten lost a bit in the process. Clever and a great film for adults as well as kids.

Everything Must Go

Like Casa de mi Padre, it’s a film that has little in the way of traditional marketability. It’s not exactly a comedy–more a poignant portrait of an alcoholic whose life has spiraled out of control. Tt’s oddly watchable and very unusual.

Stranger Than Fiction

A very subtle comedy and it lacks the usual low-brow laughs you might expect in a Will Ferrell film. Among his best work, it actually is more of a comedy-drama.

Blades of Glory

Like Talladega Nights, this one is just plain silly. And, sometimes that’s exactly what you need–a film with little pretense that just makes you laugh.

Bonus Content



Land of the Lost

While I would not put Land of the Lost and Elf on my must-see list, these two are pleasant enough time passers.

The Oblongs

The Oblongs is not a movie but a very short-lived and insane cartoon series from early on in Ferrell’s career. It’s not for everyone, as the bizarro world of the Oblong family is very twisted and sick. So what does it say about me that it makes me laugh so hard? Fortunately, the DVD series is usually pretty inexpensive and bears repeated viewing. But, as I already said, it’s not for everyone, just strange people like me. You have been warned!

Feel free to drop me a line to let me know what you think of this list or if you have any films to suggest. I look forward to your feedback.