So Endeth the Season!

After the The Red Wedding everything seems rather dull. Of course it’s nothing of the kind but it set such a high standard that I’m almost certain we will never witness the like again. In any show. There was an outcry from, not only die hard Game of Throner’s but the casual viewer as well. And it didn’t stop there! Everyone jumped on The Red Wedding bandwagon. There is a documentary planned that covers the subject of violence on TV shows, all thanks to Walder Frey and his unconventional wedding etiquette. At one point during this episode I honestly thought I saw a spark in Sir Bolton’s eye that told many things, but It looked like (just for a second) it was the imminent death of the lecherous sneering Walder, but alas, we didn’t get The Red Wedding II: Revenge of the Fallen, and more public outpourings.

Then of course we saw plenty of Tyrion and Sansa (compared to anything else that gets crammed into the all too short one hour), because his plight might be different, less exciting than some but you get the feeling their future child (if it even happens, and if it’s even his when it does!) will play a massive part in the future seasons.

Theon Greyjoy is suffering at the hands of his torturer and he looks to be in for the long haul, but his sister might have something to say about that. Especially after receiving a gift. Arya Stark isn’t a happy bunny after her family were wiped out but she is strong willed (like Ned once was) and gets to show her displeasure in a rather satisfying way. Sir Roose Bolton may have a larger role in things now that he has the competition out the way, but he appears to be pretty much insane. He has ‘the look’ about him, or as my old mother would say, “he has a want about him”. Jaime finally comes back on screen as does Brienne of Tarth (briefly) but we have to wait until next season to find out how it plays out. Jon Snow was a big surprise. Where he ends up is also a surprise but a pleasant one. We also learn why Sam threw away the obsidian blade after killing the White Walker. It’s because he had more, as you’ll find out.

Charles Dance’s Tywin Lannister, is one of the best bits of casting ever witnessed in any format, TV or movie, because he is Tywin Lannister. I have read book one and two (so far) and he achieved what Daniel-Day Lewis does in all his movies, he very much became the Lannister patriarch. He can do that withering gaze so well that the film crew must shrink from him when he stares at the camera. Khaleesi Targaryen was a great way to round the season off (I like dragons) after seeing her consolidate her army but this wasn’t anything unexpected.

Grade: A+

Review by Ed Blackadder, Lead Entertainment Writer