Mockingbird – Recap (Spoilers)

This week begins in Tyrion’s prison cell, where Jaime is asking Tyrion why he threw his life away so easily. Shea telling lies about Tyrion was too much for him, and he explains this to Jaime. Tyrion was just glad to be able to defeat their father, even if the victory is rather hollow, because Tywin would have had Jaime at Casterly Rock with Tyrion at Castle Black, guarding the wall.

Because Tyrion has faith in Jaime, he expects his big brother to fight Cersei’s named champion, Ser Gregor Clegane, better known as the Mountain, however, Jaime reveals his training hasn’t been as fruitful as he’d hoped. This leaves Tyrion with the only other person he expects he can turn to, and the man who saved his life in another trial by combat, Bronn.

We get to see Ser Gregor “training,” which consists of the towering knight butchering whimpering men with his massive broadsword, while Cersei watches on. Cersei has certainly stacked the odds in her favor, but this week–like every other–holds a few surprises. In her haste to ensure Tyrion’s quick demise, Cersei has in fact played right into someone’s hands. Cersei steps over blood and guts to thank Ser Gregor for coming to the capital, and when the knight asks who he’ll be fighting, Cersei replies “does it matter?”

Game of Thrones
Created by
David Benioff & D.B. Weiss
Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Charles Dance, Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Release Date
18 May 2014
Ed’s Grade: A+

Still heading towards the Vale, Arya and the Hound come across a man dying of stab wounds. Arya demonstrates her recently acquired outlook on mortality by giving the dying man a little speech, this is after he tells the pair he was thinking about taking the matter of his impending death, into his own hands. The man asks Arya who she is, with Sandor explaining she’s his prisoner to be ransomed, then Sandor speeds things along by stabbing the man through the heart. Sandor then tells Arya: “That’s where the heart is. That’s how you kill a man.” Sandor is suddenly attacked by Biter and Rorge, both of whom are remembered by Arya (the scene where they first meet Arya can be watched here). They are attempting to cash in on the reward put on Sandor’s head, with Biter ending up with a broken neck for biting Sandor, and Gorge, rather amusingly, being quickly added then removed from Arya’s death list. Arya puts the lesson from Sandor to good use, by stabbing Gorge through the heart.

Jon and the remaining men from the Night’s Watch who had been sent to Craster’s Keep, return to Castle Black. Ser Alliser Thorne, as usual, blows Jon off when he urges the men to seal up the tunnels, to prevent the invading armies from getting past their weak defenses. Ser Alliser has also insisted Jon lock up Ghost.

Bronn finally turns up to see the imprisoned Tyrion, where he strides in considerably better attired than when last we saw him. It’s pretty clear Cersei has covered all her bases, which is confirmed by Bronn when he tells Tyrion the extent of his improved standing at King’s Landing, where he’s to marry a nobleman’s daughter. “Why did you bother to come here?” an exasperated Tyrion asks. “You once said if anyone ever tried to sell you out, you’d double their price” Bronn reminds him. But he goes on to explain how, although he genuinely likes Tyrion, he likes living even better, leaving Tyrion without a champion.

In Meereen, Daario has sneaked past Dany’s guards by climbing in the window and into her chambers. He gives her flowers but the unimpressed Dany wants to know what he wants. Daario explains he isn’t happy as he has but two skills, one of which is killing, but his other talent of womanising is put to good use by Dany. In the morning as Daario is leaving the chambers, Jorah Mormont and he exchange a few words. Jorah is clearly unhappy about Dany seeing Daario like this, especially when Daenerys tells him what she planns to do. Daario is to go to Yunkai and slay all the Masters, but this time, Dany heeds Jorah’s advice and changes her mind. Instead, Hizdahr zo Loraq will also go with Daario to Yunkai, and they will try to be a bit more subtle and attempt to use persuasion on the Masters.

Melisandre is in her large bath when a nervous Queen Selyse arrives at her room. Selyse is there to discuss Princess Shireen, and explains how she thinks Shireen should be left behind when they set sail. The uncomfortable Queen continually eyes Melisandre’s naked form and the humorless Selyse is now being asked to fetch oils for the witch’s bath, and doing it just like a servant. The power is changing from one woman to the other, although it was never in doubt who held the real power between them. Melisandre is up to something, but what that is we don’t yet know, but it somehow involves the Princess as Melisandre insists Shireen travels with them.

An annoyed Sandor is trying to clean out the bite on his neck and when Arya attempts to seal up the wound with fire, Sandor reacts violently. Uncharacteristically, Sandor then tells Arya how his face came to be burned by his own brother, Gregor. He then allows Arya to clean and stitch his wound, to prevent it from festering. Although Sandor is on Arya’s kill list, as the pair grow more companionable over time, I wonder how this will develope and will it effect Arya when and if the time comes to remove his name from the list. Sandor appears to be growing on Arya and vice versa, even if only a little.

In the second scene of the episode where we see someone from the past, Brienne and Pod have stopped at an Inn to save them from eating Pod’s awful cooking. Brienne compliments the young cook, who turns out to be Hot Pie, Arya’s old buddy. Brienne questions the boy about Sansa Stark, but Hot Pie quickly tells her he doesn’t speak about traitors. While the pair are outside preparing the horses, Hot Pie comes out to tell them what he knows. He explains to Brienne he knows nothing about Sansa but did speak to Arya not that long ago. Arya has been believed dead for a while now, but Brienne learns she’s dressed as a boy and being accompanied by the Hound. Hot Pie also gives them something to give to Arya when they see her. It’s wolfbread in the shape of a wolf.

Tyrion receives a final visitor, in the shape of Oberyn Martell. Tyrion thinks he’s there to rub salt in his wounds but he couldn’t be more wrong. We knew the Prince intended to seek justice for his murdered family while he was at King’s Landing, and Tyrion’s current predicament has given him the perfect way to put his plan into action. Not only that, but the story Oberyn tells Tyrion of how he first saw Tyrion when he was just born, reveals the Prince to be less heartless than I thought him to be. Apparently, when Tyrion was just born he was the talk of the place, with everyone saying how he was a deformed monster who killed his mother.

As children, a cruel Cersei took Oberyn to see the deformed monster, and had even pinched his little penis extremely hard and had to be stopped by Jaime before anymore damage was done. Oberyn explains how he didn’t see a monster but only a baby who had a slightly bigger head than usual. Tyrion is in tears while Oberyn is telling the story, and this scene was extremely touching, similar to the closing scene last week. In another surprise revelation, it turns out Cersei’s new champion Ser Gregor Clegane, was the one who actually killed Oberyn’s sister, and now Tyrion has found himself a champion.

Sansa is playing in the snow, making a copy of Winterfell, when her cousin Robin comes out to see what she’s doing. Robin wants to add a Moon Door so that he and Sansa have somewhere to throw the bad people they don’t like when the get married. Robin makes a mess of things and when Sansa complains Robin throws a tantrum, destroying Sansa’s hard work. To shut him up Sansa slaps him across the face, making him run off, but Littlefinger has been watching the drama unfold and goes to Sansa to calm her down. She tells Littlefinger she shouldn’t have done it, but he disagrees, telling Sansa it should have been done by his mother. He then tells Sansa to call him Petyr, then proceeds to kiss her. Lysa has seen the kiss, and sends for the ignorant Sansa who finds Lysa standing over the Moon Door. She begins screaming her jealous accusations, and starts shouting about how she killed for Petyr and about her true feelings towards Catlyn. As she has Sansa leaning over the Moon Door, Littlefinger walks in and finally gets Lysa to let the sobbing girl go. He goes to Lysa, telling her “I have only loved one woman. Only one my entire life.” The smiling Lysa looks at him as he says “Your sister,” and pushes her out the Moon Door.

The scene with Arya and the Hound was very good, but Tyrion being told by Oberyn, how he was treated by Cersei when he was a newborn, was extremely powerful. I’m sure when it comes time for revenge to be handed out, Tyrion won’t be shedding any tears for his father or Cersei.

TV Recap by Lead Entertainment Writer, Ed Blackadder

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