The Mountain and the Viper – Recap (Major Spoilers)

Well, that was an ending-and-a-half even by Game of Thrones standards! I’ve always avoided spoilers so I could get the big surprises that are normally in store for those of us who haven’t read the books, and I honestly thought Tyrion was sure to ultimately triumph no matter what, but could this now be the end of the road for the Half-Man?

Even though the show had a momentous ending, the other arcs and threads were just as good, with characters being kicked out, promoted and bumped off in grand style. Tormund Giantsbane and the rest of the Wildlings are slaughtering their way towards the Wall and Castle Black, and we get to see Ygritte spare Gilly and her baby. Jon Snow and the others at the Wall are feeling helpless thanks to them being hugely outnumbered. 102 vs 100,000? This should be interesting.

Game of Thrones
Created by
David Benioff & D.B. Weiss
Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Charles Dance, Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Release Date
1 June 2014
Ed’s Grade: A+

Grey Worm is spotted eyeing the naked form of Missandei, proving even the Unsullied still have feelings about women. Missandei later tells Dany about Grey Worm, who then asks her if she knows how much of the Unsullied has been cut away. When we later return to Meereen we’re in for another shock. Ser Barristan has been handed a sealed letter from Robert Baratheon intended for Ser Jorah. It contains a royal pardon for Jorah as a way of thanking him for spying on Daenerys. Dany discovers Jorah knew about the poisoned wine but she refuses to listen to Jorah’s pleas.(If you need a reminder of the episode where Jorah prevents Dany from drinking the wine, you can watch it by clicking here.) In a way he was lucky to be allowed to leave with his life, but that’s no doubt because he had served Daenerys well. Ser Barristan now has Dany all to himself which appears to be what he’d wanted all along. Where does that leave Jorah?

The twitching Theon Greyjoy is sent by Ramsay Snow to Moat Cailin, where he eventually persuades the Ironborn men holed up inside to surrender. While Theon is trying to talk their leader into surrendering he almost broke down into the stuttering Reek, but before the sparks started shooting out from his brain he gets what he came for. They had been promised safe passage by Bolton’s men but that’s not Ramsey’s style. Ramsey is now gifted with the name Bolton by Roose, and if ever a crazy pair deserved each other, it was these two psychopaths.

Sansa finally comes into her own after backing Littlefinger’s play for power and you can watch a video by clicking here where Martin himself explains Sansa’s reasons. She knows he lusts after her and it looks like she’s accepted her new fate like an adult. She’s also demonstrated she can lie as good as, if not better than Lord Baelish so he may have to watch himself from now on! Arya and Sandor have been making their way to the Eyre with the Hound hoping to get a reward from Lyra, but what happened when they get near the gate was priceless. When Arya and the Hound are asked what they want, Sandor explains he has Arya Stark and wants to see the Lady Lyra, and when it’s announced he’s three days too late, Arya burst into fits of laughter!

This episode was as powerful as The Red Wedding and seeing Oberyn’s head pop like a blood-filled balloon just blew me away. I should know to expect the unexpected! Oberyn should have just killed Gregor when he had the chance but he was determined to get a confession which would have proven the Lannister’s were behind his sister’s murder. Gregor looked as though he was fatally wounded and Tyrion looked extremely sick after Tywin declared he’d be put to death. Cersei looked very smug and pleased with herself but Jaime looked sad for his brother.

The next two episodes should be epic as we find out Tyrion’s fate and see what 100 thousand Wildling’s can do against 102 men of the Night’s Watch.

TV Recap by Ed Blackadder