by Ed Blackadder

(Spoiler Warning) This episode was interesting for many reasons, with one of them being that it looks as though we’re about to be left with several huge cliffhangers by season 5’s end. Of course, both queens’ predicaments at the hands of the Faith could be resolved, as well as Stannis’ snowed-in stalemate, and let’s not forget poor Sansa’s suffering at the hands of her new less-than-sane, cruel husband Ramsey. But it’s doubtful. And that’s not counting what’s happening at Dorne or Meereen. Not that very much is happening at Dorne, much to the chagrin of showrunner-writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who clearly missed a golden opporchancity to do something worthwhile with Princess Myrcella’s arc. Like with all the high production values in Game of Thrones, with the stunningly-beautiful and realistic sets, Dorne looked incredible, yet the same cannot be said of the writing for this part of the saga.

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Tyrion Lannister and Ser Jorah Mormont are now getting their chance to meet with Queen Daenerys. But Tyrion is the only one doing the talking for both of them as Jorah is still under pain of death for returning to Meereen. Thanks to Tyrion’s skill at diplomacy — among other things — he’s able to make a strong case for himself as to why Dany shouldn’t just kill the pair of them and be done with it. However, Jorah is another matter. Tyrion does persuade Dany to spare Jorah’s life, because of the single-minded devotion and love he’s continuously demonstrated for the queen. Dany is impressed with Tyrion, as he is of Dany, and it’s decided that banishment (again!) would be a fair way to deal with one as devoted as Jorah.

Game of Thrones
Created by
David Benioff & D.B. Weiss
Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Release Date
31 May 2015
Ed’s Grade: A

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What Jorah does next — especially after he looks at the worsening Stone-Man blemish on his arm — isn’t all that surprising. He strikes a deal with the man who runs the fighting pit, and if he wins he gets to fight in front of the queen. I think it’s a fair bet that he plans to die an honorable death in front of his beloved Queen Daenerys Targaryen, as his final farewell and to prove once and for all, just how devoted he truly is/was. That is, of course, provided all goes to plan. There’s a lot that can happen in two episodes of this show!

Arya Stark AKA Lana the orphan, seller of shellfish, is finally getting somewhere within the House of Black and White, as Jaqen H’ghar is convinced Lana is ready to serve the Many-Faced God with a mission. H’ghar wants orphen Lana to sell her shellfish near the docks, where she’s to learn everything about a ship’s captain that will eventually become her first kill. Although Arya seems a little hesitant, she’s certainly no stranger to killing.

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Cersei Lannister rots, hungry and thirsty, in her cell, while a woman in the service of the Faith continually asks her to confess her sins. “Confess!” she demands, with a promise of water. Cersei spits threats at the woman, who simply whacks her with the wooden ladle for her troubles. Cersei is left powerless, without a friend in the world. And her son won’t even visit with her. She also learns that her uncle Kevin plans to come to King’s Landing to help Tommen in his time of need. This is the last thing Cersei wants and could force her to make some sort of confession.

The final scene with Jon Snow and the Wildlings was quite simply breathtaking and exciting. The White Walkers decide to raid the village of Hardhome that Jon and Tormund Giantsbane are trying to recruit from. As if on cue, the White Walker army overrun the seashore settlement, easily slaughtering a majority of the Wildlings. The giant puts up a fantastic fight, using a tree-trunk as a club and throwing the White Walkers around like ragdolls. Jon also manages to kill a White Walker using his Valyrian steel blade, which means that obsidian isn’t the only way to stop them. Right at the close of the episode, the White Walker leader walks towards where Jon is standing, giving him a look that I first thought was Jon being marked by the leader, and then he raises both arms, that in turn raises the newly-killed men as the latest batch of White Walkers. This leaves Jon even more outnumbered, and up that most proverbial of creeks without a proverbial paddle.

The attached video below, The Massacre at Hardhome, explains about the White Walker invasion.