There’s a lot to cover from last night’s episode titled “No One.”

by Rachel Wilford

(Spoiler Warning) There’s a lot to cover from last night’s episode titled “No One.” Politics was the driving force of this episode, and important decisions that were made will undoubtedly effect some characters in the near future. But I must say that this episode was pretty exciting and action-packed.

One major issue that came up in this episode was Cersei’s trial by combat, which Tommen has decided to take away from her. That’s right, unfortunately we won’t see The Mountain crush anyone’s skull again during another trial by combat (but I’m sure there will be other skull-crushing opportunities to come, nonetheless). Tommen, due to his newly discovered enlightenment, has decided that trial by combats are far too violent and that they will be abolished. This means that his mother as well as Loras Tyrell will have to stand trial alone in front of a jury. This decision could have been fueled, perhaps, by Cersei allowing The Mountain to rip the head off of one of the Faith Militant members earlier in the episode…nevertheless, this is pretty bad news for Cersei.

We also get a snippet of Cersei whispering to Qyburn about a mysterious rumor that she wanted him to investigate. The internet has discussed that this rumor might be hinting towards Cersei burning King’s Landing to the ground, since there were other fire references during the episode and because she and Jaime have threatened to burn cities to the ground multiple times. We’ll see where that goes.

At Riverrun, Jaime and Brienne reunite, and the Kingslayer allows Brienne to enter the castle to try to persuade the Blackfish to join Sansa’s army. She fails and escapes, and Jaime ends up taking the castle and the Blackfish dies in the process. I’m not totally sure where this whole story is going, but I hope something comes of it because we’ve spent a significant amount of time on it this season.

In the Riverlands, The Hound gets his revenge on the Brotherhood Without Banners men that murdered the villagers he had been living with. In the process, he ends up running into Beric and Thoros. They are characters from season three—Thoros is able to bring Beric back to life, and has done so multiple times. They remember The Hound and try to convince him to join their cause.

Game of Thrones
Created by
David Benioff & D.B. Weiss
Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Release Date
12 June 2016
Rachel’s Grade: A+

In Mereen, we see Varys depart on a secret expedition. Tyrion, Grey Worm, and Missandei have a rather hilarious scene where they exchange jokes, but then suddenly they realize that the city is under attack. The slave masters of Slaver’s Bay that Tyrion negotiated with back in episode four are attacking Mereen with a large fleet of ships. While they are hiding in the pyramid, they hear movement on the roof and discover that Daenerys has finally returned with her dragon, and she does not look very pleased. Hopefully we’ll see the dragons burn down that fleet of ships in an episode to come.

And finally, in Braavos, Arya’s strange Faceless Man story seems to have finally come to an end (hallelujah). After being fatally stabbed several times in the stomach, Arya finds refuge with Lady Crane, the actress she was ordered to kill in a preceding episode. Lady Crane nurses Arya back to health and then the following morning, is sadly murdered by the Waif. Arya takes off running and the Waif chases her through the city (and she looked really creepy while doing so, by the way). Arya lures the Waif into a dark room where her sword, Needle, is waiting and just when the Waif thinks she is about to kill Arya for good, Arya slices the only lit candle in the room in half and makes the whole room go dark, since she has been trained to fight blind. The next scene we see is Jaqen following a trail of blood in the Hall of Faces which leads him to the Waif’s face on the wall. Arya killed the Waif, stuck her face on the wall, and gouged out her eyes with her sword. Jaqen then proudly tells Arya that she has finally become “No One,” to which she responds, “I am Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I am going home.” Cheers could be heard around the world after that line.

All in all, it was a pretty eventful episode this week, and after watching the trailer for next week’s episode titled “Battle of the Bastards,” it seems that episode will solely cover the war between Jon and Ramsay’s armies. Which bastard will prevail? Stay tuned for next week.

“No One” was directed by Mark Mylod.