Can Jax Teller survive the Sons of Anarchy?

The final season of Sons of Anarchy has taken a turn from its Hamlet inspired storyline to an all out Greek tragedy complete with an Oedipal Complex.

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Plain and simple, too much has changed course to really compare it to Hamlet any longer. SoA has gone Greek.

Sure, Jax is still a tragic hero, and characters drop off the show constantly, but the level of the death and destruction in SOA far surpasses that of Hamlet and seems to be veering toward a Greek Tragedy rather than a Shakespearean one.

The final season is filled with more than enough eye gouging, mommy and me relationships, twisted love, and references to past patricides to cause Sophocles to blush, but, hey, we’ll take it.

Like both Oedipus and Hamlet, Jax is a flawed and tragic hero surrounded by death and destruction. Whether Greek or Shakespearean the only way order can arise is by the death of the tragic hero.

Jax Teller must die.  If Jax survives SOA, then creator Kurt Sutter is not only betraying the format, but betraying the Sons himself.  There will be no harmony in Charming if Jax survives.

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Just a quick note about Anarchy Afterword, the live question and answer session periodically following episodes during this final season — it is an awful, unscripted train wreck reminding us why actors have scripts. For as inspiring as the actors and creator, Kurt Sutter, are on the show itself, their long-winded analysis and retrospectives are tough to take. Granted, I appreciate what they are trying to do, but it seems very un-organized and chaotic actually distracting from the purpose of giving viewers something extra.

by Brian Barsuglia