Shane Carruth’s UPSTREAM COLOR will be one the most interesting movies you’ll see this year. It’s hypnotic, academic, obscure and defies simple explanation.

The film was a big hit at the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals and is being self distributed by director Shane Carruth. This is Carruth’s first feature after he wrote, directed and produced PRIMER.

Below is an excerpt from one the better written reviews of the film:

“Upstream Color is one of those movies that you either give yourself over to or resolutely resist. If not understanding something annoys you, you will struggle against it or simply disengage. You could say (or I would) that it’s an exploration of the textures of consciousness, the light, colors, sounds, images and ineffable resonances that, as George Harrison phrased it, flow “within you and without you.” The visuals and audio design are multi-layered and tactile, the emphasis on sensations underscored in the first section of the movie which mostly focuses on hands and a few feet. Not many faces. Heads, when they appear at all, are often seen from behind, as if we’re watching these people project the movie they’re living in front of them.” –JIM EMERSOM from Roger

Writer/Directer/producer/Editor Shane Carruth
Editor David Lowery

Shane Carruth
Amy Seimetz
Andrew Sensenig
Thiago Martins


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