A Quick Criticism

This is actually one of the (slightly) better Zombie movies I’ve seen recently because thanks to DV (Digital Video) the industry is saturated with films but Horror seems to be the theme that’s getting hit the most. Found Footage, creepy derelict haunted buildings and loads of others but the Zombie flick hasn’t been done as much as the others. The few I have seen ave been extremely bad and while this movie is bad in some ways it’s better than most of the others out there.

Having Michael Madsen and William Forsythe in a movie would usually be a strong selling point but both men have been known to appear in some absolute stinkers. This film is most definitely not an ‘A’ list movie, with it’s poor attempt at effects and extremely fake gore but the acting and the characters are actually good and save this movie from being far less than what it is. It’s never going to be thought of as a classic or even nearly as good as the likes of Dawn of the Dead but it’s worth a watch if your into ‘B’ movie horrors of which this is a good example.

The bottom line is, the effects are garbage, the story is unoriginal, poor looking Zombies, the acting is good, the casting is pretty spot on and it’s a watchable Horror.

Not for everyone

Grade: C

E Blackadder

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