It does what any good horror film should do…it scares the pants off the audience!

by Martin Hafer

I am not a huge fan of horror films but I can say that Interior is clearly a very scary film. There are many, many moments in the film where I felt myself on edge…something that rarely happens when I see a horror movie. Despite a rough spot near the end, overall it’s worth seeing.

The film is set in a modern American home in suburbia. Sam is a struggling filmmaker who needs work. So when his old ex-girlfriend, Allison, offers him a chance to make money he jumps at it. She insists that her house is haunted and wants Sam to stay the night and document any weird happenings in the place. Sam naturally believes this is ridiculous but he needs the money and seems a bit infatuated with Allison despite her now being a married woman with a young daughter.

Directed by
Zachary Beckler
Zachary Beckler, Christopher Carullo, Peg O’Keef
Release Date
26 October 2014
Martin’s Grade: B

Almost the entire film consists of Sam being alone in the house. At first, not surprisingly, not much happens and the director, Zachary Beckler, does a good job in allowing the tension and suspense to slowly build. Even when things do begin to happen, they are rather unimpressive…such as drawers which seem to have opened themselves or knives that have inexplicably fallen onto the kitchen floor. The don’t seem to faze Sam. What happens next, however, scares the ever-living crap out of him…as well as the audience!

Despite the film being very scary, one portion near the end didn’t work for me. Following the film, the director was in the theater for a question and answer session and he said some of his inspiration came from Kubrick’s 2001. Well, this portion near the end was highly reminiscent of 2001…but that didn’t mean it made much sense nor did I like it. It was way too artsy and strange…and I wish he’d instead chosen to stick with the prevailing mood of the film…a mood which will scare the crap out of you! Despite this, I still recommend you see the movie since it is, on balance, very well made. Plus, Beckler is young and I don’t expect perfection from a guy with limited experience in filmwork. Considering this, making a full-length film like this…and keeping the audience’s attention is a major achievement.

Director Zachary Beckler
Director Zachary Beckler