Indie Creator, Andrew Trimble, talks about life in the indie world and his upcoming documentary

by Gordon Shelly

I had the pleasure of having independent filmmaker Andrew Trimble share his wisdom and experiences as an indie creator.

Andrew is based in Alexandria, Louisiana, and is passionate about what he does, especially when it comes to local Louisiana cuisine!

INFLUX: How long have you been an indie filmmaker and what role(s) do you play in the production process?

ANDREW: My passion for filmmaking began in my mid-thirties as photography was what piqued my interest and soon after my love for still imagery transitioned into moving imagery. Fast forward to 2020 when I decided to start my own production company On1 Films working on different passion projects with friends and as of today in production on my first Documentary Film due to release Spring 2024.

INFLUX: What are you currently working on that you can share with us?

My current project I’m working on is a Documentary called “Street Eats: A Louisiana Food Truck Journey.” This documentary follows five Louisiana food truck entrepreneurs on their journey of operating these rolling culinary gems and dives into the vibrant and diverse world of Louisiana street food.

INFLUX: What are your hopes/goals/expectations for this project?

My goal for “Street Eats” is to focus on furthering the advancement of localism in the small town of Alexandria. Keeping our money local and creating a more economic stimulant all while understanding the challenges it takes to own and operate a small business.

INFLUX: What have been your greatest challenges as an indie filmmaker?

As an independent filmmaker the greatest challenges, I’ve found is the lack of resources for people like me on a more tighter budget. However, since joining IFGA (Independent Filmmakers Guild of America) I’ve found a great Community of Indie guys just like me facing the same struggles but now with a more unified approach as IFGA offers a plethora of amenities that contributes to our everyday challenges.

INFLUX: What has been your most significant accomplishment as a filmmaker?

My most significant accomplishments as an indie filmmaker has to be hands down the relationships I’ve made along the way especially on my most current project and the eye opening stories that I’m getting to tell through the lens of my camera.

INFLUX: Tell us about some of your past projects and where we can watch them if they’re available?

Some of my past projects include working with local businesses as a creative strategist for spec ads and client engagement, Marketing Agency Ugly Mug Marketing, Cenla Community Technical College (CLTCC) and Collaboration on Multiple artist in and around the Central Louisiana. All these areas of Visual Production work has prepared him for his Current Documentary Project.

INFLUX: What goals to you have for yourself moving forward?

My ultimate goal is further educating myself in the art of cinematography, directing, and producing. Attending as many workshops and working on as many projects that would help elevate and advance my passion for filmmaking.

INFLUX: What advice would you give to your younger self just starting out?

Follow your instincts, make time for yourself and your goals, and learn to focus on what’s most important in life. Love yourself as much as you love others and last but not least keep your ego in check and be as humble as possible.

INFLUX: If you could do it all over again, would you have wished you had gotten into filmmaking at an earlier point in your career?

And to that I would say no! I think timing is everything in life. If I hadn’t gone through the trials of growing up I wouldn’t have been as prepared and focused as I am at 40.

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