Interview for the film Alekasam which recently played the San Diego Film Festival and we have this interview from its West Coast Premiere at the 2013 Newport Beach Film Festival.

Sal’s film chronicles the relationship he has with his Dad Jazz musician Hugh Masekela.

Paul Booth: Have you played any other film festivals?

Sal Masekela: Yes, we played Tribeca.

PB: What do you feel the film is really about, after people get past the Jazz-Legend aspect of your Father?

SM: It’s a Father/son story yet more. It’s also about finding a way in a world not known to you. The process makes your world known to you. Everyone has to find their own way.

PB: Your father used music, you use surfing as an art (having lived most of his life in Manhattan and Carlsbad, Ca.); do you see any differences in the art-form?

SM: No, it’s really about being who you are. It’s artistic and it’s like the movie “Almost Famous”. I grew up around great artists, famous people and many people doing what they loved. So I tell my friend who is making this film with me, sometimes I felt like the kid in that movie. Ultimately, no matter how many talented people are around you, the key is your voice.
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PB: What are some ways this film can be seen in the future? Have you considered doing a feature-length version?

SM: We’re looking into lengthening it. Our hope is it will be on Itunes by the end of summer (2013). Our goal is it plays more festivals and if we can get it out there through distribution that would be a blessing.

Author’s Note: This interview involved some moving around “quotes” and is meant to capture the essence of our discussion. In talking with Sal, it is very easy to get caught up in his spirit. Since we’re both filmmakers and love music, travel and the world. The conversation had many roads. Which is the point of the film (smiles). Therefore, some responses are paraphrased.

Interview by Paul Booth, Lead Entertainment Writer

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