Sam Hodge, a renaissance man of indie film, chats with INFLUX

by Gordon Shelly

Sam Hodge is an all-around filmmaker with experience directing, producing, and beyond. In the realm of independent production, Sam has done it all.

In addition to directing and producing, he has been a composer, editor, effects artist, cinematographer, audio engineer, and whatever else there is to be on an indie set!

He completed his first feature film in 2017 and has since added three additional features to his resume, along with more than twenty credits as a composer.

Somewhere in this insanely busy schedule, Sam found the time for a conversation with INFLUX.

INFLUX: What are you currently working on that you can share with us?

SAM: I [recently] finished creating deliverables for a film called, Reunion From Hell 2, starring Nightmare on Elm St. alumni – Lisa Wilcox, Mark Patton, and Danny Hassel. Additionally, I have a film called Redhead, starring and co-directed by my wife, Johnna Hodge. This is an incredibly violent revenge slasher that is enjoying some official selection and best feature success on the film festival circuit.

INFLUX: What are your hopes for your current project?

SAM: Our goals for Redhead are to find a large distributor that can help us with a regional/limited theatrical release and, eventually, a successful physical media and streaming release.

INFLUX: What have been your greatest challenges as an indie filmmaker?

SAM: Financing… definitely financing. That and finding time to schedule with our cast since I work full-time outside of filmmaking.

INFLUX: What has been your most significant accomplishment as a filmmaker?

SAM: Creating and finishing Redhead. That film is really getting into the grit that I want to create successfully and intentionally.

INFLUX: Tell us about some of your past projects and where we can watch them if they’re available?

SAM: Twelve Pole Manor is available on most streaming services… Tubi is the easiest route. The same goes for Reunion From Hell (starring Cathy Podewell from Night of the Demons/Dallas). Reunion From Hell 2 will be hitting streaming platforms in a matter of weeks.

[Editor’s Note: Since this interview was conducted, Reunion From Hell 2 is now streaming and can be found on sites such as TubiTV]

INFLUX: What goals to you have for yourself moving forward?

SAM: Increase my reach and connection with financiers and community supporters. We have reach but want to always expand. We want to move from the 45-50k budgets into the 250k budget range!

INFLUX: What advice would you give to your younger self just starting out?

SAM: Just start shooting… no matter your gear.

INFLUX: Where can we see this project?

SAM: “Redhead – movie” on Facebook. You can see all of our progress and find us there.


Photo Credit: Johnna Hodge