Is Jon Snow alive or is he dead?

That is the question readers of the Game of Thrones novels (A Song of Ice and Fire) have been asking since 2013. Likewise, viewers of the HBO show have been enraged since the conclusion of season five. Since the death of Jon Snow, fans of the series have been awaiting an answer!

by Brian Barsuglia

Is Jon Snow alive? Or, is he dead? I ask this again and again and again. When I finished reading book five, I was ready to completely give up on the novels and the show altogether, but I have felt this way before. Thank you, George R.R. Martin.

The death of Ned Stark surprised me and angered me. I hoped it was somehow wrong, yet he was dead and gone. The murder of Robb Stark was even more shocking and unexpected. I, literally, threw the book against the wall when it happened. Then, when I watched the Red Wedding, the feeling was even worse. And, judging by the “reaction” videos all over YouTube, millions agreed. At this point, the legacy of Jon Snow kept me going and then … for the Watch happened … Jon Snow was (presumably) killed off and betrayed by those to whom he swore his allegiance.

The death of Jon Snow is George R. R. Martin being unpredictably predictable.  Of course he was going to kill off Jon Snow. Why wouldn’t he?

Yet, maybe Martin will surprise us and let the beloved G0T character survive in some fashion.  There are many theories and beliefs  about why he is alive and why he is dead.  Here are my top reason’s why Jon Snow is alive and one very likely reason why he is dead and will remain as such.

Jon Snow Lives Because ..

1) He’s on the Poster for Season 6!

Really, come on, HBO wouldn’t waste a poster on a dead character. Sure, this could be a red herring, or it could be an attempt to make sure they don’t lose viewership.  Show runners have to know they could be risking viewership if yet another primary character is killed off. The poster makes for a strong argument of Jon Snow’s survival!

Game-of-Thrones-Season-62) Resurrection has Been Established!

Season Five of the HBO show firmly established the resurrection of characters. The books have gone into this even further. Knowing that Melisandre is nearby, gives us hope that Jon will find life once again!

3) Maybe it’s not as Bad as it Seemed!

It was brutal and he was stabbed repeatedly in a very Julius Caesar-like assassination. However, people have survived worse. There are amazing stories of survival from a variety of injuries. This seems like a slimmer possibility, but maybe, just maybe … it’s only a flesh wound!

4) Bran will Save the Day!

When we last heard from Bran Stark, he was merging with the magical weirwood tree under the guidance of the three-eyed raven. He was told he would never walk again but he would learn to fly! It is our best guess that Bran spent his lost time mastering mystical powers. Maybe, somehow, someway, Bran has been watching over Jon …

5) Jon Snow is a Skinchanger, a Warg!

This is a popular theory on the fan forums — that Jon Snow is a skinchanger and somehow joins his direwolf, surviving inside of Ghost! I’m not sure exactly how it would play out if Jon and Ghost became one, but it is an interesting scenario, albeit somewhat unsatisfying if we lose Kit Harington’s portrayal of the character.

6) The White Walker Scenario!

So Jon Snow is dead, but he rises as a white walker. Maybe he is full zombie or maybe he has some remnants of the old Jon. While it would be an unfortunate route for the character, it could be an extremely unique plot development.  It could work!

7) If He’s Dead, I’m Done!

Plain and simple, I am done with Game of Thrones, both the show and the books, if Jon Snow is dead. I have invested way too much time in the watching and reading of the stories of Westeros for this to happen. Each time Martin develops one of the key characters, he seems intent on killing them off, and Jon Snow’s development has long been arguably the most interesting of all of the characters with plenty of mystery and potential about what could be. To dispose of this character would likely end my interest in the story any further.

1) The number one reason Why Jon Snow is dead …

Well, this is George R.R. Martin, remember? He seems to have it in for the Stark men. Ned Stark’s death shocked us and had us hoping for vengeance from the Young Wolf, Robb Stark. But then the Red Wedding surprised us further and killed off the future of Winterfell in a murderous bloodbath.

Just when there seems to be hope from one of the Stark patriarchs, they are killed in a most unexpected and violent way, with Jon Snow’s being the deepest act of betrayal.

In my heart, I hope Jon is alive; however, I truly believe he is dead. If so, that further supports my earlier theory about the Starks being compared to the Kennedys!

Game of Thrones 5×10 – Jon Snow’s Death Scene from Nav Qateel on Vimeo.